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Continuing the series.  Find your background here.  Here’s Dr. Sap’s selections for Week #4, along with a few editor’s picks:

Al Borges: 2 decals: 1 for bringing back the option play series to Michigan Stadium – that almost brought a tear to my eye!!   The other was for the 57-yard TD drive in the 4th QTR that was ALL on the ground – Bo would have been proud!!
U-M Kick Team: 1 decal for each member of unit for coverage on 2nd QTR kickoff forcing SDSU to start possession inside 10-yard line
U-M Defense: 2 decals for each member of unit for two 4th down stops of SDSU drives in 4th QTR
Denard Robinson: 5 decals – 5-yard TD run, 53-yard TD run, 1-yard TD run, option-pitch to Fitz Toussaint in 2nd QTR – that was sweet to see again at Michigan Stadium!! +1 editor’s pick for bowling a 200 last week.
Craig Roh: 3 decals – 1 Tackle For Loss (TFL), 1 Sack, 1 Forced Fumble (FF)
Jake Ryan: 3 decals – 3rd QTR TFL, 3rd QTR Fumble Recovery, 4th QTR Fumble Recovery
Ryan Van Bergen: 4 decals – 1st QTR PBU, 3rd QTR FF, 4th QTR TFL and +1 editor’s pick for having his #3 nearly yanked off.
Mike Martin: 1 decal – editor’s pick for mentioning The Little Brown Jug in the postgame
Vincent Smith: 2 decals – 32-yard run in 1st QTR, 7-yard TD run in 4th QTR
Matt Wile: 2 decals – two 1st QTR kickoffs that reached the endzone
Thomas Gordon: 2 decals – 1st QTR Fumble Recovery, PBU
J.T. Floyd: 1 decal – 4th QTR Pass Break Up (PBU)
Jeremy Gallon: 1 decal – 1st QTR punt fumble recovery
Kenny Demens: 1 decal – 1st QTR FF
Mark Huyge: 1 decal for seal block on Denard 53-yard TD run
Patrick Omameh: 1 decal for seal block on Denard 53-yard TD run
Desmond Morgan: 1 decal for knocking the helmet off a SDSU player – NICE!!
Blake Countess: 1 decal for 4th QTR PBU – Seemed to play a nice game filling in.
J.T. Floyd: Honorary Russ Hawkins Award for Coolest Helmet Design on team (joining Jordan Kovacs and Vincent Smith)

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  1. Come on, Mike Martin gets at least three in addition to your one, one for every two times he deeply dented the pocket