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Thankfully we caught Dr. Sap in a good mood Saturday despite that thing he watched on the field.  Perhaps he was cheered up by the knowledge that a Nebraska man presided over Ricky Leach’s wedding.   Here are your dekes and once again I contributed the Ufer Fan Award and Editor’s pick:


DEVIN FUNCHESS MANBALL – That’s his new name – DEVIN FUNCHESS MANBALL – because that’s the only Manball I see out there right now. How many positions can this guy play? Did I hear it right? Gallon had zero catches in the 2nd half? This offense, as one-dimensional as it is, would be NOTHING without DEVIN FUNCHESS MANBALL. Can he play the slot? Can he line up in the backfield? Can he kick a 45-yard-plus field goal? DEVIN FUNCHESS MANBALL needs to have more touches – plain and simple!


JAMES ROSS III – #15 in my opinion may have played his best game as a Wolverine. Some big stops on key plays that got the defense off the field is EXACTLY what you want from your linebackers – SOLID!


BRENDAN GIBBONS – This one was going to Wile, but you can’t miss a field goal and be the Special Teams Champ. Gibby’s bank shot gave UM its first lead in what – two games?

Brendan Gibbons


TACO CHARLTON – I liked the hustle and energy Taco Pants, I mean, Charlton, brought to the game. Can he continue to develop in time to make an impact against the Bucks? Might be asking too much, but what other hope is there on the D-Line?

[Ed. bonus points for Taco as you can’t beat his Twitter handle.]


BLUE THERMAL BOTTOMS – Do you like the blue jersey-yellow pants- blue socks-all the way up to the knees look?

Michigan blue thermals

It’s growing on me. Maybe one game U-M will wear WHITE socks all the way up to the knees?


JOE BOLDEN – Bolden laid a oak handled boomstick on a couple Huskers, once on a massive special teams block and again on defense.   Did he yell “BOLDEN!” at impact?   I assume so.  

Best I can figure, Bolden enjoys the physicality of lighting up fools and that’s ok by me. 


LIL FELLER – It was the first game in the big house for this guy and he took a 50-yard Wile line-drive kick off the grill during warm-ups (left).  And we’re not talking a glancing blow here.


That said, check out the physicality and toughness (right) as he quickly recovered and got down to the business of enjoying a lollipop and Michigan football.

Runner-up:  MASKED MAN:  Hey, where can I find one of these?  I’d like to wear that 24-7 over the next few weeks:

Michigan fan ski mask 

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