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Decal New4  Props to Steve “Dr. Sap” Sapardanis for producing his decals after that game:




DEVIN FUNCHESS – I think Michigan has finally found their tall outside receiver they have been missing since Darryl Stonum. Let’s face it, Funchess is not going to be UM’s tight end. When blocking was needed on the line of scrimmage late in the game, Funchess was on the bench. When a touchdown pass was needed, Funchess was usually on the other end of a Devin Gardner spiral. I like the move as Funchess to me seems like a Michigan version of former USC receiver Mike Williams. Like I said last week – he’s a matchup problem waiting to happen in Michigan’s favor. When was the last time we could say that about one of the WR’s?


FRANK CLARK – His fumble recovery ignited a huge third quarter for Michigan and the defense. Playing on the road, at night, in a hostile environment, in front of 1007,000 fans, Clark seemed to be the guy that was there to make the big play – whether it was a tackle or fumble recovery.


DREW DILEO – I’m giving this to Dileo not because he had 66 return yards in the game – which were certainly a decent amount. No. I am giving him the Special Teams Champion Award because he was solid on his holds for all SEVEN of Michigan’s field goal attempts and FOUR point-after-try holds. Let me say this: I think having a fast player, with good hands (and not a slow backup QB) as your holder for FGs and PATs is a great idea and one I have been a proponent of for years. Dileo was solid and that’s what you want and need from that position. Now, you just gotta make those kicks.


JEREMY GALLON – Once again, Gallon played a solid game and seems to be the perfect slot/possession receiver any offense needs. He is great on the underneath routes and can also make guys miss. Without him, Devin Gardner might have had to run for 200 yards as well as pass for 200.


UM SPIRIT SQUAD – I didn’t see anything particularly different or unique on the UM uniform – award decals on the helmets would certainly be a nice touch! In lieu of that, I am picking the Spirit Squads uniforms:


Something about the girls wearing yellow long-sleeve shirts is very USC-like and to me, that’s a GREAT look! GO BLUE!!


YOU – If you watched the entire game and maintained your dignity for the duration– congrats, you get a decal.