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Back by popular demand, here’s Steve “Dr. Sap” Sapardanis with his postgame decal awards for Notre Dame:

OFFENSIVE CHAMPION DEVIN GARDNER – The last time #98 was worn by a Wolverine, Tom Harmon accounted for 6 touchdowns and 290 yards of offense. Against the Irish, Devin Gardner truly had a legendary night – 376 yards of total offense and five touchdowns in only his seventh start under center. WOW! Think about that for a second – Harmon played perhaps the best game of his career in his LAST game as a Wolverine – and here is Gardner putting up video-game like numbers and he hasn’t played a full season as the Michigan starting quarterback! Legendary indeed. [Complete wrap-up of Harmon notes here.] 

 Old and New 98

DEFENSIVE CHAMPION BLAKE COUNTESS – Six tackles and two picks – the last one sealing the victory – makes me so happy that Countess is back in the secondary that I want to do backflips! Yes, I’d say he’s fully recovered and ready to go this year.
SPECIAL TEAMS CHAMPION BRENDAN GIBBONS – For those of you too young to remember, Bo did not offer scholarships to kickers in the ‘70s and early ‘80s. As a result, Michigan had walk-ons who did an ok job of splitting the uprights. So for Gibby to have now successfully kicked sixteen consecutive field goals…it’s BEYOND impressive. He just might be the best kicker to ever wear the winged helmet!
JEREMY GALLON – Did ANYONE think Gallon had the skillset to get the job done on the OUTSIDE? We all knew what he could do in the middle of the field (and his first touchdown of the night reminded the Irish secondary of that), but the way he went up for balls on the outside and shielded the defenders from the pigskin was very impressive. Three touchdowns? That’s truly worthy of wearing the #21.
EDITOR’S PICK JEHU CHESSON – Did he yell “JEHU GOT YOU!” when he took out three Irish defenders on Gallon’s long touchdown reception and run?   Chicken dinner!
[Updated with Ace’s epic gif—an all-timer]
UNIFORM CHAMP JERSEY NUMBERS – Looks like adidas has made the size of the numbers on the front and back of the jerseys larger this year. Typically they are smaller in the front and larger in the back, and they still are, but this year they don’t seem to be the traditional 10” size in the front and 12” size in the back.  [Under consideration – see Uniform Timeline for latest.]
THANK YOU FANS – Just wanted to thank the Michigan Athletic Department and all the fans who held up the Thank You STEVE banner, Saturday night. I don’t know what to say…I’ve been going to Michigan games now for over 30 years and to see my name in the endzone…I am speechless. Some people may think it was for Stephen A. Ross and his donation to the Michigan Business School and Athletic Department, but you can clearly see that he spells his name with a “PH” and not a “V” so it could not have been for him! :)


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  1. Found this shot on annarbor.com yesterday from a different angle that’s an even better match:


    The Harmon photo was from that very game against Ohio. There have been 794 games and nearly 73 years in between those shots in which #98 was not seen in Maize and Blue. Pretty amazing.

  2. Looks like Adidas increased their logo dramatically as well, stupid idiotic marketing crap affecting tradition. How much longer are they involved with Michigan? Did they really finally pay the people in the plant they bought?