Matt Wile: 5 decals – for 5 Non-Returnable (Aluminum Beer Can) Kickoffs!* Don’t kid yourself at the importance of these kicks – they forced Illinois to drive 80 yards almost all game and that made a HUGE difference!
Fitzgerald Toussaint: 3 decals – 1st QTR 65-yard run, 25-yard run, and 4th QTR 27-yard TD run
David Molk: 3 decals – seal blocks on Toussaint 65-yard and 25-yard runs in 1st QTR, seal block on Denard 2-yard TD run in 2nd Qtr
J.T. Floyd: 4 decals – 1st QTR PBU, 4th QTR INT (would have given one more for a pick-six!), 4th QTR PBU, +1 editor’s choice, for transforming into Chuck Woodson for this game, wow.
Ryan Van Bergen: 3 decals – 3rd QTR sack, and two 4th QTR sacks
Denard Robinson: 2 decals – 5-yard TD run in 1st QTR, 2-yard TD run in 2nd QTR. 
Jake Ryan: 2 decals – 1st QTR TFL, 3rd QTR PASTING hit on QB during option-pitch – outstanding!
Jordan Kovacs: 3 decals: 1 for forced fumble in 2nd QTR, 1 for TFL in 3rd QTR, and +1 editor’s choice for actually being Zack Novak and fooling us this whole time.
Thomas Gordon: 2 decals for fumble recovery in 2nd QTR and PBU in 4th QTR
Michael Schofield: 1 decal for seal block on Toussaint 65-yard run in 1st QTR
Will Hagerup: 1 decal for 1st QTR punt OOB inside Illini 15-yard line. Kipke-esque!
Craig Roh: 1 decal for 1st QTR TFL
Jeremy Gallon: 2 decals – 1 decal for 37-yard punt return in 1st QTR and  +1 editor’s choice: We’re getting spoiled—Gallon has completely turned around my comfort level on punt returns and starting to make it a weapon. 
Kevin Koger: 1 decal for 39-yard clinic on keeping-your-feet-moving-until-someone-(finally)-drags-you-down reception in 2nd QTR
Blake Countess: 1 decal for 2nd QTR PBU
Kenny Demens: 1 decal for 2nd QTR sack
Desmond Morgan: 1 decal for bone-jarring hit on Illini RB in 3rd QTR – Ron Simpkins would be proud of that stick!
John McColgan: 1 decal for muffed punt recovery in 3rd QTR
Junior Hemingway: 1 decal for 20-yard reception in 3rd QTR
Brendan Gibbons: 1 decal for 27-yard FG in 3rd QTR
Devin Gardner: 3 decals.  1 decal for 27-yard TD pass to Martavious Odoms in 4th QTR, and +2 editor’s choice: +1 for third down conversion to Hemingway, +1 for stepping in and finishing off the game when Denard was down—excellent stuff.
Martavious Odoms: 1 decal for 27-yard TD reception 4th QTR.  [Ed. Ace and I call him Dooms.  Or when I’m feeling emotional, Moods.  Yes, there’s another way to spell it but I’m steering clear of that.] 
Mike Martin: 1 decal for 4th QTR sack
Roy Roundtree: 1 decal onside kick recovery in 4th QTR.  [Ed. Gotta be like the 3rd or 4th time this season Treezy did nothing all game only to make a big play at the very end.  Love Treezy.]

* The Aluminum Beer Can reference is a nod to the late and great Bob Ufer. Back in the 70’s, recycling wasn’t a big part of the American way and aluminum beer cans were a no deposit/no return setup. So when you were done with your PBR, you just tossed it (preferably in the garbage), but you weren’t getting 10 cents for it at the grocery store!

Updated season tally (leaders):

Denard Robinson 32
Ryan Van Bergen 15
Vincent Smith 14
Jordan Kovacs 13
Craig Roh 12
Jake Ryan 12
JT Floyd 10
Fitz Toussaint 10
Jeremy Gallon 9
Desmond Morgan 9
Brendan Gibbons 9
Blake Countess 9
Mike Martin 9
Matt Wile 9
Thomas Gordon 8
Devin Gardner 7
Big Will Campbell 6
Mark Huyge 6
Kevin Koger 6
Will Hagerup 5
Kenny Demens 5

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  1. Do Hemingway and Roundtree really not even have five decals, or is that an oversight?