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Denard Robinson: 4 decals – 5-yard TD pass to Fitzgerald Toussaint in 1st QTR; 20-yard run in 2nd QTR; 21-yard run in 3rd QTR; 7-yard TD pass to Kevin Koger in 4th QTR
Ryan Van Bergen: 2 decals for TFL on 4th Down Stop in 1st QTR and 2nd QTR TFL
Mike Martin: 2 decals for 2 TFL
Blake Countess: 2 decals for 2 PBU’s
Defense: 1 decal for every member of unit for 1st QTR 4th Down stop
Fitzgerald Toussaint: 1 decal for 5-yard TD catch in 1st QTR
Kevin Koger: 1 decal for 7-yard TD catch in 4th QTR
Mark Huyge: 1 decal for fumbled snap recovery in 2nd QTR
Will Heininger: 1 decal for 3rd QTR QB sack
Craig Roh: 1 decal for 3rd QTR QB Sack
Vincent Smith: 1 decal for catching Denard wounded duck to set up 3rd QTR FG
Brendan Gibbons: 1 decal for 32-yard FG in 3rd QTR
Desmond Morgan: 1 decal for 3rd QTR PBU
Martavious Odoms: 1 decal for 28-yard kickoff return in 4th QTR
Jake Ryan: 1 decal for 4th QTR TFL
Junior "Megatron-Completed-the-process-but-didn’t-get-credit-for-it" Hemingway: 1 decal for TD catch that wasn’t called!

Will post updated season tallies next week.

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  1. I’d award another sticker to Koger for cleanly fielding and returning the Iowa squib kick that gave Michigan such excellent field position near the end of the game.