Friday night before a home game always makes it exciting around Ann Arbor, especially around campus and down on Main Street. Several sources confirmed the following sightings around town on Friday:

Phil Knight. The Nike czar and billionaire rolled up in a black SUV in mid-afternoon at the legendary Dominick’s for some good times and perhaps a few Sangrias? Knight is a little late to save the Nike contract with the school but not too late to have a good time with the locals.

Pat Kilkenny. The new Oregon Athletic director Pat Kilkenny was hanging out at the Main Street mainstay Conor O’Neill’s Friday night. Was Kilkenny decked out in Oregon green and high yellow like the rest of the Duck faithful? No chance. This was a business trip and the UO AD kept it real in a white shirt and tie.

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  1. Phil Knoght could double for that freak in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.