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Love this photo – mgoblue.com

Certainly by now you’ve heard of Michigan’s epic comeback from down 14 runs to Northwestern this weekend on Senior Day.   The story made it to SportsCenter and prompted ESPN to ask, ‘Are you Serious?’

WTKA’s Ira Weintraub called the game on the radio and was kind enough to forward over a clip of his call the Dufek’s bomb.  Per Ira, “Not a great call, but not bad for a guy who has now called 8 baseball games in the last 10 years!!”  

Not to bad indeed, and note Weintraub using the Harwell technique of letting the crowd and band paint the scene after the blast:


For more, check out frequent mgoblog diarist FormerlyAnonymous who gave his account of the game.   (HT: Ace @ TWB)

And speaking of WKTA 1050AM, Rich Maloney’s call into Sam and Ira this morning is worth a listen.   Maloney effectively acknowledged the was over at 13-0, telling his players that no team of his has ever quit during a game, and it wouldn’t be happening today.  That said, he did tell the guys that the wind was blowing out and their pitching was a bit depleted.  Who knew?  Unfortunately I don’t see the podcast up there yet; it is comes up I’ll toss up a link.

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