Bo Schembechler DVD

One of the perks of posting on this site, after you filter through all the spam, is occasionally you get offered free stuff folks want you to promote. Some of the stuff is a little weird but every once in a while you get something pretty cool. I was contacted a little while ago about a DVD on Bo Schembechler coming out later this month and of course agreed to take a look.

I’m glad I did. Bo Schembechler’s Michigan Wolverines overcomes its vanilla title with a strong collection of interviews and vintage clips on Bo. If you liked HBO’s The Rivalry from last year, you’ll like this. It follows the same format where they rolled through Bo’s career with video clips and some narration, and they mix in interviews with journalists, coaches and former players. Here’s a few notes:
* The DVD features interviews with Bo’s Lasting Lessons author John Bacon, Mitch Albom, Lloyd Carr, Jamie Morris, Michael Rosenberg, Jim Brandstatter, former AD Don Canham, equipment manager Jon Falk and more.
* Extra features in DVD’s usually kind of suck, these are outstanding. It includes a 10 minute or so discussion with Bo and Woody Hayes on a couch in some living room. They talk about the rivalry, their mutual respect, the Rose Bowl, the meaning of ‘The Game’ and more. Also included is a video clip of legendary radio voice Bob Ufer inside the press box doing his thing, this time for the camera. It was great to see.

Summary: It’s worth a slot in your collection. I’m sure many of the video clips have been released in some form or another over the years but to have them all together in this tribute to Bo makes it special. It will be released August 26, 2008 but you can pre-order it here.

Free DVD Contest: ….Want to own a FREE copy of this DVD before it is released? The first (and probably last) MVictors contest, email me or post a haiku or spicy limerick related to the upcoming football season before Friday August 22nd and I’ll pick a winner and send it to you. If you post, leave your email address (it won’t be displayed to readers). Points of course for a good laugh and on a creative take on the season. I’ll post the winning haiku.


  1. august thirtieth,
    can not get here quick enough,
    thank god for football

  2. We will beat the Utes
    Or I will kick a kitten
    Football means too much?

  3. Now we’ve got a shot
    Blue could really win a lot
    To hell with O state!

  4. Our time is now here
    It may take at least a year
    OSU prepare!

  5. Make sure you include your email address if you post your haiku here (it will be hidden to readers).

  6. Rich Rod’s crew is here
    Barwis hates lazy fat guys
    O State does not mind

  7. Utah will be first
    Miami of Ohio
    Second loss for Rich

  8. Utes and Red Hawks lose
    Rich Rod keeps the faithful high
    Bucks losing tops the cake

    Go Blue!

  9. This fall a New Man

    Brings Hope and Change to M fans

    RichRod, not B.O.

  10. Now we run the spread

    We will be victims no more

    Victory will be ours

  11. Limericks are fair game as well

  12. There once was a coach from Vir-ginny
    Who liked players short, fast and skinny.
    He jumped to the Blue,
    And brought his spread too,
    But was fired with nary a win-nie.

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  14. In came Barwis with hefty weights
    Which left Boren in dire straits
    Either work like a dog
    Or keep eating like a hog
    So now he is Ohio State’s

  15. Either with Sheridan or with Threet
    A running QB is a nice treat
    The cloud of dust will be gone
    No blocking by zone
    The spread O will be so sweet.

  16. Champions will be those that stay
    But Boren didn’t see it that way
    So to help his dad with the snow
    He said, hey…gotta go
    Now he’s looking ‘in the family way’

  17. Coaches Rodriguez, Barwis and team
    Made them faster, stronger and more lean
    After weeding out the cowards
    They made a team of Desmond Howards
    Soon another Heisman pose might be seen.

  18. Haikus for upcoming season

    Sailing Bill Martin
    Delivered spread option Rod
    Beat Sweatervest please

    Barwis cage fighter
    Workout God, owner of wolves
    Destroy Sweatervest

    Three downs and out, punt
    Oh where art thou Chad Henne?
    Rebuilding years suck

    One rifle, one shot
    Osama or Jim Tressel?
    Aim for Sweatervest


  19. Fuck Ohio State
    Toothless retarded cheaters
    Burn Sweatervest Burn

  20. One rifle, one shot
    Osama or Jim Tressel?
    Aim for Sweatervest

  21. Barwis cage fighter
    Workout God, owner of wolves
    Destroy Sweatervest

  22. Cash. Cars. Felonies
    Sweatervest McCheaty pants
    Jim, prison awaits

  23. Barwis, king of pain
    Boren’s aching vagina
    Head south you fucking traitor

  24. Summer is fadeing.
    Lloyd gone, but new hope appears.
    Spread and shread starts soon!

  25. All naysayers beware, the wolverines will be there! you say 5-7 S.I.?, i say nay will be Yeah!!. The maize&blue will be ready, they will NOT back down, be it the Utes, Irish, , Sparty, or Brutus! Hail to the Victors Valiant, Hail to our Coach Rod, Hail, Hail, to Meeeechigan, magnificent Winged Helments brightly shining, Hail, Hail to the Wolverines, and bless their cotton pickin maize&blue hearts.!! WE FANS WILL STAY, and MICHIGAN FOOTBALL WILL BE CHAMPIONS!!

  26. Charlie renames Him to 3-n-out Jesus
    Sparty wins first 4 again will tease us
    Hail to The Victors with Coach Rodriguez

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  28. Coach Rod bet push ups
    With his kicker and did them
    He’s not a welcher

  29. Our QB’s throw darts
    Our O Line can’t be breached
    This Kool-Aid is good

  30. Good day!,