A repost, the seller informs me he still has some in stock. A one of a kind gift for the holidays, drop me a note or comment below if you are interested:

Very cool item for this edition of eBay Watch.  Thanks to reader Dan for spotting these beauties, it’s a bunch of pre-locker room renovation lockers removed from Schembechler Hall.  Check it out:


A must have for any man cave, Michigan shrine, office, garage and/or living room (if you aren’t married).  Details:

Full size locker, WITH COMBINATION!!  We have proof of authenticity, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the ultimate Michigan Football memorabilia collector. It could be a very long time before they change lockers again.  Locker numbers still on them.

Dimensions:  36″ wide x 24″ deep x 74-3/4″ tall
Weight: About 200 lbs – costs about $250 to ship or free pick-up in Detroit

It seems a local demolition company cleaned out the locker room and was granted rights to take away the lockers.  Get this—they actually crushed one of them before someone came to their senses.  The company is based in Detroit and they’ve got a few left to sell.

How much?  The seller told me asking around $700 and willing to negotiate from there, especially if you are looking for a particular locker number.   They’ll even deliver in the Detroit area.

Interested to buying one of these to round out your shrine or for a gift?  They are not actually listed on eBay right now.  If you want more info or to buy one, shoot me an email at:

Here are a couple higher resolution photos:



For more info or to buy one if they’re still available, send me an email.  Very cool.  (I might have to pull trigger on this).


  1. Dude. How do I convince the wife that one of these would “work” much better in the new basement than the fridge we just bought? Maybe we could get an ice block delivered every few days and turn the locked part into an old fashioned ice box. This could be the most functional thing in the whole house.

  2. This is a step over the “must have” line. Gotta get one man. Would love to have a row of ten in the garage but I wouldn’t have enough left over for my divorce lawyer.

  3. Get ten and sell memberships – like lockers at a cigar shop. People could keep a bottle of whiskey in theirs and come over for a nip every now and then. Talk Maize and Blue shop. Provide fodder for the blog. If it gets to be a hassle with the wife, require the members to do chores around the house. Problem solved. How do I join this locker room club of yours?

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  5. just an FYI and some may not care BUT these are from the SCHEMBECHLER HALL locker room
    they are NOT from the stadium.
    still pretty cool but $800 is ridiculous.

  6. @Marcus Brooks
    Hey, they’re willing to negotiate Marcus

  7. Great Idea, I’d love it if my honey put one of yhese in my Christmas Sticking