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(HT: mgoblog user SpyInColumbus)

Don Canham would have offered this mug for sale.  “Hoke’s Mug”

Up on eBay now, for Michigan fans only.   To benefit the American Cancer Society, how about coffee with Brady Hoke?  Auction description:

Ever wanted to have a face to face discussion with Coach Hoke?  Now is your chance.  Head Football Coach, Brady Hoke, has agreed to sit down with you over coffee and discuss the upcoming season, the next recruiting class, or the future of Michigan Football.  I will mediate between the buyer and coach Hoke to find an appropriate time and venue IN ANN ARBOR, MI for this to take place.  Needless to say, this is for Michigan fans only.  Authority has been granted to me by the Michigan Compliance office to auction this item off for charity.  It is set up so that 100% of the proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.  This auction is conducted to support the University of Michigan football Relay for Life Team.  The Michigan Relay for Life event, conducted at the University of Michigan, was a 24 hour relay walk around a track with the purpose of raising donations and awareness for cancer research.  Michigan football was represented throughout the entirety of the event, and was one of the only athletic teams to participate in the event. 

Current bid is a mere $620, and ends on May 15th.  Go get it!

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