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I want the label alone:

Notably up on eBay recently, a pair of football pants designed by Fielding H. Yost and sold under the “Hurry Up” Yost brand by the A.J. Reach company of Philadelphia presumably from the 1920s and/or 1930s.  

This pair on the left went for around $87, a steal.  The pair on the right took a winning bid of $146 and included what appear to be the original thigh pads:

Fielding Hurry Up Yost Pants

As discussed on these pages before, Yost contracted with Reach to market a full set of gear under the Hurry Up brand, including helmet and shoulder pads.   Yost went after his outside business interests as seriously as he took athletics (and had a bit of an ego) so it isn’t a surprise that he put his name on this stuff.

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