Oh man, word is out that Terelle Pryor hocked his ‘gold pants’ charm, the prize Buckeyes get if they beat Michigan in the big one.  The tradition started in 1934,  Gerald Ford’s senior year, when then coach Francis Schmidt told his men not to fear Harry Kipke’s Wolverines because:

“They put their pants on one leg at a time, the same as we do!”
–Francis Schmidt, March 2, 1934

There are four sets of the gold beauties on sale right now:

The pants include the year, the score and initials of the player who originally owned them.

As a Wolverine this is funny but as a historian/memorabilian this hurts – really.  That a guy would toss this out on the market while he was still in school?  I almost understand a ring to the BCS game, but brother, not the pants!

Ed. 12/24 –  Sure enough, the auctions above were pulled from eBay :{

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  1. As talented as Terrelle Pryor is, I consider it a mixed blessing that he did not come to Michigan. Imagine the scrutiny the program would get with his off-field antics plus all the Rich Rod stuff. And if TP decides to go pro, well, I hope he enjoys the 5th-6th rounds because no one is going to draft him as a quarterback. Kirk Herbstreit ripped him pretty bad on Colin Cowherd's show, pretty much questioning TP's character.