Next up on eBay Watch, here’s a Michigan football glass from 1969 commemorating the “centennial year of football”:

1969 Michigan glassThe back recognizes Bo’s 1969 team highlighted by the great 24-12 victory of Ohio State.   At first glance it looks like a major screw-up as the centennial of Michigan football would be in 1979, a decade later (when they would really screw things up.)

Upon further review, it might be a bit of early Don Canham marketing coupled with a nod to the 100th anniversary of college football, as Princeton and Rutgers first squared off on November 6, 1869.

The sellers wants <gulp> $64.99

Other stuff:

  • See you after We Beat Ohio.  People get a kick out of Coach Hoke calling the Buckeyes “Ohio”.  I started doing that in casual conversation a couple years ago because I like it, and that’s what I do with things I like.  And I like this: up on eBay there’s a pass for entry into Michigan’s locker room after the 1963 game with Woody Hayes’s “Ohio”: Ohio locker room pass As an aside, the ‘63 game with the Buckeyes was actually moved out a week due to the assassination of President Kennedy.  I touched on that in this post back in 2009.

  • Buy Blue Bonds!  About a year after I asked if anyone out there had one of the $500 bonds issued by athletic department to fund the Michigan Stadium construction in the 1920s, there’s this on eBay.  No, it’s not one of the bonds but rather the application to purchase one or two.  At $249, I’d want it signed by Yost himself.  (I’d say it’s worth $15).  It’s interesting nonetheless, check it out: stadium_bonds


  1. I love it when Bucknuts get touchy over people calling them “Ohio” (they do–I grew up in Ohio and they HATE it when you just call them Ohio). What’s their alma mater? Carmen Ohio. Their famous band formation? Script Ohio. Their annoying cheer? O-H-I-O. The second line of their fight song? “Show them Ohio’s here.” The end of their second fight song? “We’ll fight to the end, for O-hi-o.” What’s missing from all of that tradition? The word “State.”

  2. Hat has been duly tipped, sorry for the overlook. Also linking you on my blogroll — nice to see another site with a historic angle.

  3. All the beer in Muncie

    They also play in Ohio Stadium. The scoreboard used to just say “Ohio”:

  4. @benzduck
    Hey – no problem and thanks. I added a link to your site