Season Post Title Memorabilia featured
1879 Michigan Football Turns 100
1879 Did Irving Pond really Score 1st? Accounts of first Michigan game
1895 Driving a Tally-Ho Through It Old, old wire photo repro
1896 1896 Lehigh Program Vintage program
1896 Climate Controlled in Chicago Playing indoors in 1896
1896 The H is for Handlebar Pic of Yost rocking Mustache
1897 Vintage, Vintage Yost Yost, Ohio Wesleyan Team Pic
1898 The Inspiration of 1898 Win that inspired The Victors
1898 Send that to the Bentley Library Unrecorded 1898 Team Photo!
1899 Can You Spot the Ringer? Heston, 1899 San Jose St Photo
1900 Elephants at Michigan & Trumbull Iowa vs. Michigan in 1900
1900 How about Willie Heston? Willie Heston history, Yost
1900 Turn of Century Walking Cane Cane with Football, U-M logo
1901 Cryptanalyst Needed: 1901 Menu 1901 Team Menu – Awesome
1901 Baird Calls Cal, Stanford Yellow 1901 M Athletics Schedule
1901 1901 Season Football Pass Season pass to Yost’s inaugural
1902 1902 Usher’s Ribbon Vintage M Usher’s badge
1902 Rah-Rah-Rah Rose Bowl Rout First Rose Bowl pin?
1902 Some Vintage Rose Bowl Cheer Entire team in Rose Parade
1903 Brown Jug Lore: Spinning Myths Little Brown Jug history
1903 Pioneering Play-by-Play Wiring in game updates
1904 1904 and the Mountaineer Romp The Victors sheet music
1904 Was ‘The Victors’ Ripped off? Don’t read this
1905 Badgers and Bleachers Postcard, Stands collapse
1905 A Hard Combination to Beat Postcard, team pics, OSU charm
1907 Making the Buckeyes Sick in 1907 Postcard, team photos
1907 1907 Michigan Team Postcards Postcards
1907 M Leaves the Western Conference Yost leaves conference
1907 Old Fashioned Football Wasbash-Michigan in 1907
1909 Joy Miller & The Disgrace of 1909 Marquette program, controversy
1909 U.S.S. Michigan Sinks Penn Postcard and incredible story
1909 Scoring Shorty’s Triumph 1909 M-Notre Dame Scorecard
1909 Ferbert’s Million Dollar TD Gustave Ferbert strikes It Rich
1909 Shorty Longman’s Ruse Notre Dame beats Michigan first time
1910 Bailing Out the Marching Band Raising Funds; Sending the MMB
1910 eBay Watch: Hiring Branch Rickey Rickey’s U-M baseball contract
1910 1910 through The Daily Michigan Daily and 1910
1910 To Tag Football Men? Early discussion on uniform numbers
1910 Vintage Michigan State-Michigan 1910 Mich-Michigan State
1910 Yost Gets a Dog to Get Shorty’s Goat Postcard, Coaching Tete a Tete
1911 Cornhusker Hospitality M team/fans Treated well in Lincoln
1911 J. Fred Lawton & ‘Varsity’ (1911) Music history
1911 Send the Band to Help the Team 1911 Band Fundraiser Plea
1911 The Union: For Michigan Men Vintage U-M logos, Union History
1912 Students Forming the Block M Postcards, block M in crowd
1912 Tom Brady and 1912 Rule Change Kryk outlines 1912 rule changes
1912 The Accountant’s Glove Accounting legend’s glove
1912-3 Suit Up like One of Yost’s men Full Vintage uniform, helmet
1914 Lost Luggage in 1914 Harvard scorecard, program
1915 1915 Cornell Program Cornell program
1915 Michigan is Weakening MSU fight song origins
1915-9 College Scrapbook Vintage scrapbook, baseball
1919 Solid Gold Champions Gold Baseball Champs Charm
1920 Doc’s not just the Nickname (1920) Baseball, Doc Lavan
1920s Making Michigan Fans Louder Roaring Twenties Megaphone
1923 Yost Steps off the Sidelines, for now Yost retires; for now
1923 Marines help Dedicate Yost Field House Yost Dedication; Marines Poster
1923 Rockne is Fed Up Old Rockne letter
1924 Ty Tyson and WWJ Radio Early Football radio history
1925 Roadshow: 1837 Michigan Seal History of U-M Seals
1925 Yost Wants a Real Wolverine Program, real Wolverine mascots
1925 Professor Yost Note from Yost football lecture
1926 The Wolverine Pack & 1926 News clipping, Bennie and Benny
1926 Gold Football Charm? Charm from mid-1920s football
1926 Yost’s Signature Helmet Leather Yost-branded headgear
1926 Any Stadium Bonds out there? Bonds to fund Michigan Stadium
1927 Never Seen? Stadium Photos M Stadium construction photos
1927 Big House Dedication Ticket stubs, Stadium history
1927 Coffee Service for Yost Silver Coffee set given to Yost
1927 Yost’s Bust Head statue of F.H. Yost
1927 Yost’s Shiny New Packard Beautiful car given to Yost by alums
1927 Freshly Minted Big House Postcard – Great pic of ’27 Stadium
1928 Benny Friedman’s Detroit Wolverines Early Pro football program
1929 Michigan Busted Bronko Bronko Nagurski history
1929 Brother, Can you Spare a Dime? Minnesota-Michigan Viking pin
1930 Hail the Schedule Bot! A strange wooden schedule
1930 1930 Michigan Football Jersey Vintage jersey
1930 Gerald Ford, Michigan Man Ford and more
1930 Hercules Passes Away Depression era player
1931 Norm Daniels – 101 and going strong! Follow-up, 1931 Jersey
1931 Charity Schmarity 1931 Charity Game
1931 Rum Raid snags U-M Captain Capt. James Simrall arrested
1931 Norm Daniels’ 1931 Michigan Jersey Player’s jersey
1931 Whitey Wistert’s ID U-M Great’s photo ID
1931 Dougovito is a bad Mo Fo Wrestling scorecards, Olympics
1932 What you Would Do? Coaching strategy news clip
1932 Michigan Baseball Visits Japan Baseball ticket stub from Japan
1932 Ripped Ohio MMB doing script Ohio
1932 On the Meyer Morton Award History of the award, Ford
1932 “I thought Crisler was a Violin Player” Princeton cartoon of Crisler
1933 Yost’s Warning to you Drunks Yearbook, Gerald Ford
1933 1933 and the Dickinson Formula Program, signed Ford card
1933 1933 MSC Ticket Application MSU application for M tickets
1933 National Championship Charm Charm for ’33 champions
1934 Harry Kipke and the Fall of 1934 Gerald Ford, Willis Ward
1934 Black and Blue piece of History 1934 Georgia Tech Ticket Stub
1934 Jesse Owns and Gerald Ford Game Program
1934 The Willis Ward Protests Georgia Tech protests on campus
1935 Harry Kipke Tames Lions Wire pic of Kipke with baby Lions
1935 Faster Than Jesse Owens Willis Ward vs. Jesse Owens
1935 Smoke ‘em if you Got ‘em M Stadium ashtry, with wolverine
1936 Why Tom Harmon went to U-M Recruting Harmon
1936 The Bergermeister’s Sweater Vintage M letterman sweater
1936 Rough Seas for Coach Kipke Things get ugly for Kipke
1937 Fritz’s Secret Practice Pass to Princeton football practice
1937 Luring Tom Harmon Teams Angle to steal 98 from U-M
1938 Harmon and Old Number..Six? Tom Harmon wearing number 6
1938 The Buckeye Ballet Wire Photo of Bumbling Buckeyes
1938 What a Woman! Rose Queen holds 1901 team pic
1938 Debut of Crisler’s Winged Helmet Helmet history
1939 Tommy’s the BMOC Tom Harmon photo in classroom
1939 Intrepidus, the Last Wolverine Last visit of a live wolverine at game
1939 Herron vs. Harmon Interceptions Longest Interception Return?
1939 Harmon Takes a Sip, Chicago Quits Old 98 wire photo
1939 49 more to the left column Yost and 1901 team pic
1940 The Drunk and Old 98 Life magazine scene
1940 Eliminating Beards, Extending Brand 1940s “Wolverine” Shaving Kit
1940 Pickled Cal Fan Still Can’t Catch Harmon Wire Photos of Brennen/Harmon
1940 Hearing Fielding Yost Yost speech with audio!
1941 Tom Harmon says ‘Vote Heston’ Campaign pin for Willie Heston
1941 Harmon Jitterbugs with Joan & Jinx Old Photo of Old 98 with Dames
1942 Deplorable in the Congo WWII Congo Currency with Note
1942 Bracelet of a Buckeye Legend Incredible OSU charms
1943 Toasting Crazy Legs Hirsch tall boy Beer Can
1943 Final Piece of the Puzzle Rare! 1943 MSU-Mich Ticket stub
1944 It’s Fumblitis, Daddy-o First night game (Part II)
1944 Hot Herring in his Cummerbund Vintage Ufer Track Photos
1944 Michigan’s Debut as a Nocturnal Eleven First night game (Part I)
1945 Army Program from Yankee Stadium Cadets and Michigan lock horns
1945 Yost’s Punt Pass Prayer Newspaper clip of coaching greats
1945 Chasing Blanchard & Davis Glenn Davis, Doc Blanchard Army
1946 Harmon Strikes It 98 Strikes the Heisman Pose??
1946 Michigan’s Grand Old Man Laid to Rest Photo, Yost’s funeral
1947 1948 Rose Bowl and the title debate Notre Dame or Michigan #1?
1947 The Bashful Dick Kempthorn Wire photo from Rose Bowl trip
1948 Driving Trojans Mad Wire Photo from ’48
1948 Honorary Captains, Miami OH game Pete Elliott photo
1948 Crisler Describes the Spinner Fritz Book excerpt, diagrams
1948 Rose Bowl Pics Wire Photos from ’48 Rose Bowl
1949 Spartan Vandals Invade Ann Arbor Campus Pranks – 1949 style
1949 Moose, Ox, and Whitey The Wistert Brothers photo
1950 The Snow Bowl Rose bowl pic, Snow bowl
1950 Blue Get Bombed in the Bronx Yankee Stadium stub, v. Army
1950 Biggie Munn’s stuff Incredible stuff, MSU coach
1952 1952 Michigan Game Uniform Jersey and interview with the player
1953 The Willard ‘Ike’ Ikola Project Old time U-M hockey goalie
1954 The 1954 Bust Football bust program, signed
1956 The Distinguished Digit The “1” in official attendance
1957 Coaching Legends in Atlantic City Coaching clinic glass, Crisler
1957 Kramer Soars on the Hardwood Ron Kramer Photo at Yost Field House
1957 How about this schedule? Pocket schedule, ticket stubs
1958 Signed WWJ Football Harry Newman, Crisler signed
1958 Hanging Bennie in Effigy Coach hung from campus tree
1959 Mother Nature Crushes Campus Yost Field House roof blows off!
1960 Have a Highball with Bennie O. Highball glasses
1960 Duck Bribe of 1960 Oregon player Bribed before game
1960 Denny Fitzgerald Leather Helmet Last Man to wear Leather helmet?
1962 Fritz Gives Reader’s Digest Gas Face Fritz Crisler Letter
1964 Harmon Goes for the Gusto Tom Harmon beer ad
1964 From now on, You’ll be Fritz Crisler, Stagg history
1966 Bring Back the Old Man ! Wire Photo, old Yost
1967 Rudy T. in Cazzie’s New House Crisler Arena Construction
1968 Woody says, “Don’t give this to Bo!” Hayes autographed book
1968 Affectionately, Fritz Crisler Retirement menu for Crisler
1969 1969 Vanderbilt Stub, Bo’s First Game Ticket stub
1969 Inspecting Canham’s Carpet Wire Photo of new turf
1969 Bo Tells Mickey Mouse Something Bo and Mickey Mouse wire photo
1969 Ring from Den of Mellow Men? Michigan Championship Ring
1970 Filthy Revenge on Woody Hayes Hayes toilet paper
1970 Dan Devine Feeling Waspish Dan Devine letter
1971 It Must be the Shoe Laces! Billy Taylor’s Tricked out Pumas
1972 Old 98’s Son Faces Michigan, MSU Tom, Mark Harmon vs. M, MSU
1972 Old 98 with New #7? Harmons: Father and Son
1972 Ed Shuttleworth’s Bowl Watch 1972 Rose Bowl Watch
1973 Ufer Cries Treason! 1973 Big Ten Vote – WJR Radio
1973 Vader helmet is Operational Vintage Helmet safety testing
1974 Bo Enjoys Beating Spartans News clipping, great shot of Bo
1974 Gerald Ford Snaps! Photo of Gerald Ford hiking
1974 No BK Kids Meal Cup Burger King Cup, Frank Nunley
1976 Where Ufer Laid Woody Hayes Away Ufer’s Woody Hayes coffin
1976 Politics and Pigskin Ford, Ufer and Politicis
1976 Wolverine All Whites Michigan Orange Bowl Uniforms
1976 1976 Orange Bowl Stub Bowl stub, M Marching Band
1976 1976 NCAA Finals Ticket Stub Final Four stub vs. Indiana
1977 Another Rose Bowl ring auctioned M championship ring
1979 AC’s Gator Bowl Watch Carter Watch for Sale
1979 Want a Heisman? $299,999.99 Charles White’s Heisman!
1979 Michigan Football Turns 100 (1879-1979) Guest post on mgoblog
1980 Coach Mac Wants his Mojo Back Bill McCartney’s ring (part II)
1980 M Men sell their Rose Bowl rings? Bill McCartney’s ring (part I)
1980 Coach Robinson’s Ring Michigan ring – 1980
1981 Butch Speaks his Mind Butch Woolfolk Outspoken
1981 Stoned Badgers say, “I was there” Wisconsin pin
1981 Bob Ufer 25 years later Ufer history
1982 Schembechler Snaps! Bo Blow-ups on Wire Photos
1982 Texas A&M Lures Bo Aggies Dangle Coach to get Bo
1982 Low Point on High Street Wojo arrested in Columbus
1982 aMaize’n Blue Magazine? Precursor to ‘The Wolverine’ et. Al
1983 Bo’s Calling Card Schembechler business card
1985 Woody’s message for you Poindexters Great letter from Hayes
1985 Oh Man, 1986 Rose Bowl Ring M championship ring
1986 Bo’s Helmet Stickers Helmet with stickers
1988 Messner Won’t let it Happen Again Messner vs. Mandarich
1989 Those Corny Winged Helmets History of hockey helmet change
1989 Hanging a Piece of Yost West MSU Hockey banner
1990 Hand him the Hustler Award M Player Trophies
1990 A Proper Tailgating Vessel M Pick-up truck, Kyle Busch
1990 Tom Harmon’s Putter Gift putter of Old 98’s
1991 Moeller Calling the Catch Awesome Moeller Headset Audio
1993 A Fab Five Christmas Christmas ornaments
1997 1997 Nebraska Cornhusker Ring Nebraska championship ring
1997 1997 National Championship Ring 97 National championship ring
1997 1997 National Championship Ring #2 Another ’97 ring!
1997 Scot Loeffler’s ’97 Champion Ring Former Coach’s ring saga!
1997 “Michigan has no chance” in 1997 Corso’s lame prediction, pocket sch.
2000 2000 Big Ten Championship Ring Another player ring
2000 Huggy Bear’s Locker Justin Fargas’s stuff
2001 Michigan falls in Bo Bobblehead Game Bo/Woody Bobbleheads
2002 Buckeye Player Sells Gold Pants OSU gold pants charm
2003 Guess it didn’t mean that much OSU Championship Ring
2006 Gun Sting Whip Stout Rocket Coaches folder for Iowa game
2008 New adidas Coaches Gear? Michigan sweatervest
2007 One of Those Ticket Stub Boxes Relic from M Stadium
2007 Billy Sauer’s Mask Goalie Mask from garage sale
2008 Terrelle Pryor’s Sweatband just $349.99 Recruit’s sweatband
2010 Backwards ‘L’ from Stadium Turf Suspicious!
various Stubs from college football games Various classic ticket stubs
various Don’t Believe the Hype! Fake cleats, pennant
various Righteous Docs Rare letters, photos
various Legends think they’re Bill Shakespeare Books by famous M men
various When the Game Must be Moved Moved games in history