A quick version of eBay Watch, this time one of the big volume sellers on the auction site is dumping a bunch of vintage Michigan football ticket stubs. The offering is pretty impressive. What’s not impressive is the seller’s understanding of the significance of some of these items. Witness the (YAWN) description of the ho hum silly little ticket stub from the insignificant 1969 Michigan-Ohio State game, you might have heard of it:

Up for auction is a November 22nd 1969 ticket stub from the college football game that featured Ohio State University vs the University of Michigan. The ticket stub measures 2 1/4″ by 4″ and is in nice overall condition, as pictured.

Yep, that’s when the game was played. Fortunately for these fools the most significant game in the Michigan modern era won’t escape the eye of Michigan memorabilia hawks and it’ll fetch a nifty price, despite the poor marketing. Here’s a image of the stub, probably not in the best condition but nobody stuck their stubs in lanyards back then:

1969 Michigan Ohio State Ticket Stub
1969 OSU-Michigan Stub

Here’s a few more of what’s for sale, you can click the image to view the full auction:

1937 Michigan-Michigan State Ticket Stub
1937 MSU-Michigan Stub,
full auction

1929 Michigan Ohio State Ticket Stub
1929 OSU-Michigan Stub,
full auction

1927 Michigan Navy Ticket Stub
1927 Navy-Michigan Stub,
full auction

1930 Michigan Minnesota Ticket Stub
1930 Minnesota-Michigan Stub,
full auction

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  1. interesting to see the “hold your own ticket” on the bottom of the real old tickets. any idea if that was a standard thing back in the day? must be some sort of backstory to that.