[Ed. Originally posted July 2010- reposting today on Old 98’s birthday]

September 28, 1940 is a great day in Michigan football history.   On his 21st birthday, to-be Heisman winner Tom Harmon helped the Wolverines roll up Cal on the road at Berkeley 41-0.   The season opener also yielded one hilarious moment, when Bear fan Harold Brennan got fed up with Old 98’s exploits and tried to take matters into his own hands.  Fans of this site are very familiar with this tete a tete. eBay Watch brings this incident back on the front page, as a seller is offering up wire photo reproductions of three of the stills from the famous incident that originally appeared in LIFE magazine, click the photo to see each auction: 4



I’d probably hold off on bidding on these and instead enjoy a couple of the tributes to the incident out there on YouTube.  First, the special edition YouTube of the battle including photos and quotes from the LIFE magazine feature on the incident:

Or, enjoy this clip of the run pulled together by WolverineHistorian.   Watching the buffoonery going on by the Cal defenders as they hopelessly try to wrap up 98 while taking horrible angles, I kind of understand what drove Brennan on the field:

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  1. Head up! Bend your knees! Sink your ass, and drive through him!

    Jeesh….commercial artists! (and 11 other nerds)

  2. Good stuff, Gilliam! Yeah, that guy doesn’t use the best technique. He never squared up to Tom, and he kept his head low, so he couldn’t see what he was trying to tackle. A guy takes a couple of drinks and he forgets all the fundamentals!

  3. Anyone know where to get a Mp3 of that version of The Victors?