Most installments of eBay Watch look at items that pre-date the Bo-Woody era, but occasionally there’s something that catches the eye. What we’ve got here is a genuine roll of toilet paper featuring the visage of legendary Ohio State coach Woody Hayes, currently listed on eBay. I’ve seen these type of things before [insert team name on toilet paper] but the cartoon likeness of Old Dr. Strangehayes makes this one special:

I’m not exactly sure what you do with this when you buy it, I mean, do you actually use it or is it more of a gag? If you intend to use it, is it only during Michigan/Ohio State game days? You can’t find this stuff at the mden (too low brow).

And while we’re on the topic of coaches, some guy has had at least 2 auctions now selling Michigan business cards signed by Coach Rodriguez. I asked the seller how he many of these he intends to sell but haven’t heard back.

You cringe a bit when you see stuff like this because Coach Rod obviously never intended for any of this to end up on eBay. He probably left this at a recruit’s house then it got into the hands of a greedy relative and alas…Bob’s your uncle:

The scan is thankfully blurry so numskulls don’t start calling his office line although I’m sure that’s not too hard to find. Glad to see they decided to keep the mention of the 1997 championship on there. I was hoping the back of the card had a hand written message like “Give this man anything he wants – Rich Rodriguez”, but that’s a no go.


  1. Shannon Andrews

    How much did that roll go for? I have a whole box of those…

  2. judy leisenheimer

    I would like to know what that roll went for cause I have a roll Thanks Judy