Back in June 2010 I spotted a photo of Old 98 dropping what looked to be a Heisman pose for the cameras.   Well, up on eBay right now is a shot of Tom Harmon donning the winged leather doing a Denardesque in-game Heisman with some styling block ‘M’ socks:


I like this one better.  While Terrible Tommy’s pose in the 2010 photo looks more like the actual Heisman Trophy (ball tucked away in left hand; right arm extended), the pic above fits better with best Howard & Woodson thank-you-ma’ams on file:


You can pick up the photo of Touchdown Tommy on eBay right now, bidding starts at $24.88.


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  1. Nice pics….there is also a neat 1937 “young” Harmon photo in my collection of him doing the “Heisman Pose” on the Michigan practice field with no helmet on, sporting the number 6 on his practice jersey. His socks in this pic have the same Block M used this 2011 season in the Throwback gear. ALSO, a cool similiar 1940 photo of him w/helmet on next to Yost Fieldhouse doing “The Pose” with the ball in his left hand this time. Both of these were taken before he ever won the Heisman….But my favorite photo of all time of TH, is of him and Fritz Crisler sitting on the sideline during a 1940 game, with Fritz smoking a cigarette with his arm around Tommy, with a middle aged Willie Heston sitting next to Fritz…a great pic i think…i’ll email these to Greg if he wishes to share on his site..GO BLUE