A collection of a outtakes from ESPN.com as they monitored Chad Henne at the Senior Bowl workouts this past week. Overall, looks like the former M QB did himself some favors and based on this week is looking at a possible second round pick. And who does he compare himself to? Tom Brady. Good answer. If you answer Tom Brady to just about any question your going to do ok.

First, from ESPN. Full story available here for ESPN Insiders only. For non-subscribers, here’s the summary and final grade:

One of Henne’s main goals heading into this week was to prove he has adequate pocket presence to make up for his lack of mobility. Henne did a fairly good job of stating his case. He was adequate in moving his feet, avoiding the initial rush and finding throwing lanes. Although he does not display good initial quickness or elusiveness running out of the pocket, Henne was able to make accurate throws on the move during only a few opportunities. Henne was also able to put a stamp on his overall passing efficiency. Displaying a strong arm and quick release, Henne showed the ability to make all the necessary throws at the next level. In addition to arm strength, he was accurate and made sound overall decisions throughout week. Henne’s natural leadership qualities were very noticeable, as he showed good command of the huddle. Henne’s Michigan pro-style background combined with his natural passing ability will has his draft stock climbing at this point — perhaps as high as the second round.

Here’s some more from the ESPN live chats held all week, including Mel Kiper:

Brian (New England): Which QB throws the fastest ball? What do you think of Flacco?

SportsNation Marcus Smith: Henne throws the hardest ball. He really puts it on us. Flacco is a very good guy, he’s a huge kid and a very good player. He can throw it too. But Henne has the strongest arm out of all of them.


Drew (Michigan): Mr. Weidl, how did Chad Henne and the other Michigan players do this week?

SportsNation Kevin Weidl: Chad Henne had a solid week. He is going to excel in a game like this. He is accurate and puts zip on the ball when he sets his feet. Plus there was not a lot of pressure on him, being an All-Star game. Jamar Adams looked fluid and showed pretty good range. But he struggled with angles at time in the run game. And the few times I saw Crable, he showed good range, he was very strong at the point of attack, but a little tight in the hips.


Jeff (Michigan): Matt, where would you project Chad Henne to go?

SportsNation Matt Williamson : He has helped himself. I think he projects as a very solid number 2, where he fills in for a bigger dog along the way. I think he could go as early as the early 3rd round.


Conor (Grosse Pointe): Who is the best quarterback there?

SportsNation Matt Williamson : Woodson is still the best prospect, but he has not had the best week. It looks like his slow release is even more exagerated down here. I am not sure if he has an injury, but he does not look like himself. After him I will give it to Flacco, although Henne has had a good week. But I think Flacco has more upside.


pat, pa: Only one qb in the 1st round Mel? What do you say to other mock drafts that include Brohm and Woodson in the 1st?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: That’s the say I see it right now. It’s not any surprise that it worked that way. Brohm had his injuries. He’s not at the Senior Bowl this week. He’s a good QB, but there are some reasons that he’ll be a second round pick. Booty will be in the second round. Henne as well. Ainge, Woodson, Flacco all second rounders. I think Ryan goes to Atlanta.


Here’s the entire chat conducted by Henne with my fellow internet nerds:

Alexa (San Diego, CA): Chad — how did it feel to send Lloyd Carr off with a win?

SportsNation Chad Henne: It was a great chance for us seniors to give him a win and play a game at full strength. He was a father figure for many of us, and he is such an inspirational man, that it was a very special thing for us.

Mike (Nashville, TN): Chad, how do you think Rich Rod will do back home in Michigan?

SportsNation Chad Henne: We will see. He is bringing in a different philosophy. But Michigan hires guys they beleive in so hopefully he will bring in the success he experienced at WVU.

Drew (Ann Arbor): What was your favorite NFL team growing up?

SportsNation Chad Henne: SF 49ers. Joe Montana, Steve Young and Jerry Rice are the main reasons.

Stew (Gainesville): Chad – What NFL QB would you compare yourself to?

SportsNation Chad Henne: Tom Brady, being a Michigan guy, and also my decision making. I think making the right decisions on and off the field are qualities that define Michigan players.

Nick (Detroit, MI): how important was the game against florida for you personally?

SportsNation Chad Henne: This year it was very important coming off the injuries, and playing the best game of my season. So it was a very important thing.

matt (omaha): Jake Long — can you take him with you to the Pros?

SportsNation Chad Henne: Probably not!

Joey C. (NY): How helpful was it for you knowing you had Mike Hart lining up behind you?

SportsNation Chad Henne: Mike was a great player, and had a wonderful career, and I could rely on him in pass protection.

JENNIFER, DAYTON OH: Chad I just want to thank you for playing with the big blue, good luck in the NFL..GO BLUE

Nick (Toledo): Where do you want to play?

SportsNation Chad Henne: Not really. I just hope I can get drafted as high as possible.

Nick (Toledo): Would you rather start right away or sit a year on the bench learning? Which do you think would be more beneficial?

SportsNation Chad Henne: It is a good question. I started as a freshman at Michigan, so if the opportunity to start arises, I will step in and do the best I can. But if that does not happen it would be a great opportunity for me to learn an NFL offense from a vet.

Willie (Portland, OR): What’s you’re most memorable experience at UM?

SportsNation Chad Henne: We won the Big Ten my freshman year. That was great for us and going to the Rose Bowl to play Texas.

Peyton (Martinsville,Va): What do you, specificly, bring to an NFL team over other players?

SportsNation Chad Henne: An ability to pick up on an offense and really learn the ins and outs of it. And my good decision making.

Michael (Charleston, West Virginia): How did you overcome a lot of the struggles your team faced this year?

SportsNation Chad Henne: Well we lost our first few games, but our senior leadership responded to that and put us on an 8 game win streak, then we struggled again but finished off very strong against Florida. So I say it was the seniors.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: Thank you Chad! Good luck!

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