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Michigan’s Elliott Mealer

On September 4, Brock Mealer led the Wolverines out of the tunnel for the Michigan home opener. The older brother of offensive lineman Elliott Mealer, Brock walked to the middle of the field with the assistance of two canes and touched the banner to start the 2010 season. In that moment, his family was finally healed.

The Mealers were on their way to midnight mass when a 90-year-old driver crashed into their sports utility vehicle three years ago on Christmas Eve. The accident took the lives of Brock and Elliott’s father, David Mealer, and Elliott’s girlfriend, Hollis Richer. Elliott tore his shoulder trying to rescue Brock from the wreckage, but his brother was paralyzed in the accident. Doctors told Brock he had a one percent chance of ever walking again.

E:60 first profiled Elliott Mealer on October 6, 2009, after he came back from his shoulder injury and made his college football debut wearing the number 57, in honor of the year his father was born. A year later, the focus is on Elliott’s brother Brock, who spent the last year working out with Michigan’s strength and conditioning coaches trying to defy the odds that he was given. E:60’s Lisa Salters reports as Brock Mealer makes his own tribute at the Big House.


  1. Any idea when this will air? ESPN website says E:60 doesn't start till October 5th