Quoting the great Lew, a legend on this site, everyone needs to chill out a little bit. Venom is being sprayed everywhere and it is getting ridiculous. Scanning the blogs, message boards and talk shows, it seems you have a bone to pick with just about everyone:

Lloyd Carr: For not liking Miles and for spinning this whole coach search to not hire Miles. Ok, so maybe he doesn’t like Miles. Since Carr coached with the man and knows him better than any of you ever will, maybe he’s on to something? Either way, if it is even true, all you are accusing Carr of doing is standing up for what he believes in, or in this case, who he doesn’t believe in. Chill out.

Bill Martin: For not landing Miles. What should he have done? Secretly sign Miles before Carr even officially retired? Fine, but then he would have been accused of sneaking around and disrupting LSU’s season. Not cool. He asked for permission to speak with Miles after the regular season, that permission was granted. It looks like LSU made sure it wouldn’t happen. That’s not on Martin.

Les Miles: For what? For indicating he loved Michigan and hinting he’d be interested in returning? or is it for burning Michigan? Mitch Albom suggested this was all a ruse to get more money. Bull. Sounds like he got an offer he couldn’t refuse. How is that on Les Miles? He got the best deal for him and his family. Maybe he read all the crazy blogs and message boards in Ann Arbor and came to his senses.

Kirk Herbstreit: He obviously thought he had good sources and stuck his neck out. He got burned. Until we know who those sources were, how do we know that his info at the time wasn’t accurate? Maybe Miles did have a deal and burned Michigan. We don’t know. To suggest this was some sort of conspiracy to keep Miles away from Michigan is silly. Herbie is an orange-faced Buckeye pretty boy but give the dude a break.

Kirk Ferentz: He didn’t do anything really, but you just hate this guy. This one seems to make the most sense out of any of the above.

Bo: While certainly no venom is being sprayed at old General Bo, the sentiment seems to be if Schembechler were around none of this would have happened. Miles would be at Michigan, Carr would have been fine with it and all would be good in the world.


  1. Amen. I feel like I’m another planet lately, reading all these posts obsessing on Miles. His team committed 9 penalties yesterday, in a game where Tennessee committed none. I believe his Tigers lead the conference in penalties. He is a loose cannon with a microphone in front of him, as evidenced by any basic search for him on You Tube. Also on You Tube, I suggest your readers check out the clip of Les frantically trying to call time out on a change of posession, before one of his assistants restrains him in all his cluelessness. From what I have read, recruiting and motivation are Miles’ strong suits. I’m not prepared to say that those are our weak suits. We are getting beat in the X and O’s more than anywhere else, and hiring Miles would not address that.

    So let’s just chill out people…the next hire will likley be the better hire. In my opinion, Miles saved Bill Martin from himself.

  2. I do not care that Miles will not be the coach. What troubles me is the status of UM sports, especially football. UM clearly is not one of the top places for football coaches because if cannot land a guy with a background like Miles, we will never be able to get top tier coaches.

  3. It’s very unrealistic for UM fans to expect to get a head coach from a current elite college football program (including LSU). Let’s look at NC winners since 1997 and see where their coaches came from:

    1997 UM – promoted existing asst. coach (Carr)
    1997 Neb. – long-time HOF coach (Osborne), eventually replaced by current asst. (Solich), replaced by failed NFL head coach (Callahan); now preparing to hire asst. from elite program (Pellini)
    1998 Tenn. – long-time coach (Fulmer), slowly sliding out of elite status (similar to UM)
    1999 FSU – long-time future HOF coach (Bowden), sliding rapidly into mediocrity
    2000 Okla. – hired asst.. coach from elite program (Stoops, DC at Fla.)
    2001 Miami – promoted existing asst. coach (Coker), later fired and replaced by existing asst. coach (Shannon) ), sliding rapidly into mediocrity
    2002 OSU – hired Div. IAA HC (Tressel)
    2003 LSU – hired HC from non-elite BCS program (Saban from MSU); replaced by same (Miles from Okie State)
    2004 USC – hired failed NFL HC (Carroll)
    2005 Texas – hired HC from non-elite BCS program (Brown from UNC)
    2006 Florida – hired HC from non-BCS program (Meyer from Utah)