Did you catch the scene on ESPN of coach Beilein’s talk prior to the Connecticut game this evening? Nice speech and all, but was the real visitor’s locker room closed? Tell me they were at a nearby YMCA or something! Check it:

I realize these are the lockers for the away team, but dude. The tiny lockers, the low bench seating, the portable white board and the topper: the Gatorade cooler for the drinks! Is there a creepy guy passing out washcloth-sized towels? Salami and Thorpe had nicer digs.

White Shadow


  1. That locker room reminds me of my jr. year at Okemos when we played @ East Lansing…coach Stolz, “this place is a dungeon.”

    btw, my favorites were always Coolidge and Jackson (he was one cool cat).

  2. At least the lockers and walls aren’t pink.

  3. Yeah, East Lansing’s was an intimidating locker room – man’s game, Biggie.

    My money says that Gatorade cooler at UConn was filled with orange wedges and Capri Sun.

  4. I worked at Crisler back in the late 90’s. That is smaller, but similar to M’s visitor locker room.
    Whatever it takes for an advantage.
    At the time, the visitor’s locker room was the wrestling locker room so it smelled. Also, the showers came out of the wall at about 6′, so it must have been horrible for a 6’6″ or taller guy.

    • Greg (MVictors)

      Thanks Maceo, great insight. Sadly that’s not a surprise. I understand that the focus should surely be on the home team, all these players talk to each other. Why wouldn’t you want to create a top quality atmosphere for not only your players, but also the visitors? I’m guessing M players feel like they’re at the Ritz when they visiting Breslin. You don’t think they tell there family and friends?