Win this Bo Schemebechler DVD before it is released! Today is the last day to get in your fresh haikus. There’s been some sweet ones. I’ll post the winner tomorrow.

Rules: ….Want to own a FREE copy of this DVD before it is released? The first (and probably last) MVictors contest, email me or post a haiku or spicy limerick related to the upcoming football season before Friday August 22nd and I’ll pick a winner and send it to you. If you post, leave your email address (it won’t be displayed to readers). Points of course for a good laugh and on a creative take on the season.


  1. Barwis…Mike Barwis
    Run, puke, run, puke, run, puke, run
    But hey, now you’re fast

  2. Hey, let’s try the spread,
    Now our plays aren’t obvious.
    Hope Threet doesn’t suck!

  3. Rich Rod and Barwis,
    The Michigan Redeem Team,
    They’ll get Rose Bowl wins.