Fire(d) Millen
As if the Maize Rage didn’t have enough things to worry about

To pump it up a little bit a little audio for you. It’s a mix I pulled together of drops, Mike ‘Stoney’ Stone, and callers into WDFN, Detroit sports talk radio drive time Stoney and Wojo Show just hours after the Matt Millen firing was announced:

My favorite memory of the Millen era? I wasn’t actually there, but during that Millen Man march back in November 2005 before the Cincinnati game, a reliable source of mine confirmed spotting someone toting a sign that read, “WE STILL HATE AINGE” including a photo:


  1. Confirmed. I was there…saw it with me own eyes. Dude in the Millen Man March had the old SI Danny Ainge poster plaster to a couple of sticks with “I still hate Ainge”…best ever.

  2. I stand corrected…that audio from stoney & wojo….best ever!