Lloyd Carr Bobblehead

Simple site needs some help, Fails to deliver
As the early season troubles mount, so does the pressure on University of Michigan head football coach Lloyd Carr. Certainly the Lloyd Carr haters have been well represented on radio talk shows and message boards for a long time now, but finally someone has pulled together an anti-Lloyd website a’ la fireronzook.com, which was widely publicized during the former Florida coach’s tough times in Gainesville.

Here’s a quick review of firelloydcarr.us, which overall is pretty disappointing. Opinions of coach Carr aside, here’s my take on the site:

First off, the actual website name. The media don’t often mention the actual domain of the site, so my take is that many assume the site is simply firelloydcarr.com (as opposed to .us). I don’t blame the guy: in the fireronzook craze, a bunch of people probably bought up all the “fireCOACHNAME.com” sites. Someone owns firelloydcarr.com. So, the .us extension is a little troublesome, but he’s doing what he can.

The layout is of low quality. It looks like the guy just learned how to publish a website, and his Firelloydcarr.us banner looks as though he discovered the primary colors, and then learned how to add a drop shadow to text. Weak. Maybe a Lloyd Carr bobblehead would be better!

Then there’s the content. The guy promises a lot more, but now it is just a one page note on why the guy thinks Coach Carr should be fired from his Michigan job. One page. He cites some key stats against Michigan’s rivals and maintains that “Michigan should be competing for national championships [sic] every year”. Overall, very weak. If he really wants to dig into Lloyd Carr, he should dig through the logs of press conference info, etc., on mgoblue.com.

Next problem I have are some of his takes. He argues that Lloyd Carr’s goal is to win the Big Ten every year. For the record, the national championship is absolutely a goal of this team every year. To suggest that they care less about beating Notre Dame than, say, Wisconsin, is laughable. In addition, he cites that Michigan has a top 5 recruiting class every year (and our talent compares only to USC). While Michigan has great talent, Michigan doesn’t have a top 5 class every year, no matter whose ratings you look at. That ‘Top 5’ number is thrown around a lot, but is bogus. Not that anyone with a brain really cares.

Final take: the guy provides references to some of the stats he puts on the page. This is fine, but I’m pretty sure you don’t need to mention sources when noting things like Michigan’s bowl record and record against certain teams. It’s like me saying “Michigan 34, MSU 31 (OT)” last Saturday (Detroit Free Press). No kidding. If anything, he should just cite mgoblue.com for any stat and be done with it.


  1. i live in ohio and i am very loyal michigan fan have been for years.. everyone ask how i can be a michigan fan and live here in ohio up to this point it has been easy to give them an answer.. but now i ask myself the same question… for the last four years i am embarrassed the last two games of the season… i will get rid of all my Michigan hats,shirts and ect. i cant take it any more… lloyd carr MUST go….there is too many good young coaches out there to suffer anymore with carr…

  2. I’m a very loyal michgan fan!!!!!!!!!!NOT!!!!!!!!!!! I’m a BUCKEYE thru and thru. I will continue to mail in my $20.00 each year to keep (THAT NUT) up north…The gold pants still mean alot to us but it is getting old hat. SO keep LLOYD CARR!! I can’t think what I would do if MICHGAN went and got a wisier coach.

  3. Bird- Well you’ll get your wish because Carr isn’t going anywhere, so our coach won’t get any “wisier”. Surprised to hear you are so full of cheer less than 48 hours after the beat down in Glendale.

  4. I have been a lifelong Michigan fan and it is really hard to watch them the last few years because Carr has no idea what to do when his game plan does not work. It is very frustrating down here in florida to that Michigan has better team but a coach that cant win the big game and take so much crap from these bandwagon gater fans. Get rid of Carr now.

  5. At the time of this posting,Michigan is 7-2 going into East Lansing.After the Maize and Blue lost to App. St. AND Oregon @home to go 0-2 to start the season,I wanted Lloyd’s head on a silver platter. If he loses ANY of the next 3 regular season games (especially against that team from Columbus) AND their bowl game I will once again call for Lloyd’s job.After the HORRIFIC start this season, I heard that LSU head coach Les Miles was rumored to be interested in the job.I also heard rumors that Lloyd was thinking of leaving even with the high expectations at the start of the season. Whatever the circumstances of Carr’s departure, Michigan needs to find a big name or maybe a young up and comer to replace Carr.I personally think whatever happens,(unless Carr can change the pattern of dissappointment in Ann Arbor)Lloyd Carr’s days are numbered as the head man for the Wolverines.Oh yeah, birddog, I bet your a grad from Columbus.You know how I can tell? Let’s just say I think it would be a “wisier” decision to have a Michigan grad/fan proof read your posting. GOOOOO BLLLUUUUUEEE!!!!!!