A Michigan fiveHere’s a few positives in the aftermath of Saturday’s disaster.
1. There was not a single appearance of ‘The Wave’ in the Big House on Saturday.

2. All you Carr regime bashers may have secured your wish to not only have Carr gone at the end of this season, but now English and DeBord are probably off any short list. And while Bill Martin confirmed his unconditional support of Lloyd Carr yesterday, he did make reference to “the next coach”.

3. Your ticket stub is worth between $10-$20 bucks on the eBay if you kept it in decent condition.

4. FWIW, if you were at the game you witnessed one of the major events in college football history.

5. The stakes have changed but the ante on the individual games may have increased. Michigan remains the butt of every joke in lockerrooms around the country and many of these teams will play the Wolverines this year. Despite my disgust for the events of last Saturday I can not wait to see how the team responds against Oregon.

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  1. A random comment. I was up late watching the Longest Yard on Cable. When the warden asks Sandler how to get his team ready for the big game he suggests a “warm up” game like they did in college by playing teams like app state. ouch. The prisoner team aka the “warm up team” does go on to win in this one too.