Check out this link to the video of the 747 carrying Gerald Ford‘s body as it does fly-over Michigan Stadium. Follow this link, then click on the link to the right that says “Video of Ford 747 Ann Arbor flyover”. Pretty cool.

Flyover Michigan Stadium Gerald Ford

It is understood that the pilot requested a flyby from anyone who would listen in the Michigan pressbox, but was told by Jim Brandstatter “negative Air Force Two, the pattern is full.”. The pilot did it anyway, but rest assured that’ll be the last of these circus stunt flybys over Michigan Stadium. Go Blue!


  1. The next time that pilot pulls a stunt like that he’ll be flying a cargo jet full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.

  2. It’s a problem to fly by the stadium?….. get over yourself.

  3. TJ – it’s a big problem. That wild pilot made me pour coffee down the front of my shirt. He’s dangerous.

  4. I agree with tj…

    get over yourself. The pilots for the presidential fleet are extremely qualified – colonel’s usually. Nothing more than a low altitude pass done at airshows. If President Ford wanted a fly over at Michigan Stadium when he planned his funeral then that’s what he gets.

  5. hs- I’m telling you, that pilot thinks he’s back at Top Gun school