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A few random notes from last night’s game, still groggy after getting home at around 3am:


  • I haven’t seen the replay of the overtime no-goal and it was almost instantly clear Michigan got jobbed.  We sat near a bunch of Miami fans, the most rabid of which were these three guys on the glass behind the RedHawk bench.  When the ref initially waved it off (and you could clearly hear the whistle and it looked like everything happened afterward) those guys looked over and just shook their heads, practically apologizing.
  • I don’t know what happened in the third period but Miami just dominated and I thought it was just a matter of time.  But in the overtime Michigan found another gear and were bouncing shots off that beast goalie Knapp who couldn’t seem to cleanly cover anything.
  • There was a great moment midway through the game when Wohlberg chase a puck near Miami’s bench.  Several RedHawks were leaning over the boards and Wohlberg swung and caught three of them up high, sending their coaching staff into a rage.
  • Speaking of the Miami bench, one of their assistant coaches caught a deflected puck in the jaw and it came through pretty hot.  The tough SOB just shook his head a bunch of times, seemingly pissed that he didn’t get out of the way.
  • Still speaking of Miami’s bench, while my seats were outstanding we had to contend with with the nasty air coming over the boards from their bench.  Maybe that’s why Wohlberg smacked them—he was trying to fight off that foul odor.


  • Props to Dave Brandon for being there again last night and talking to fans who stopped by.
  • One of the best setups ever – they didn’t sell beer/drinks on the concourse but they had a huge bar that was connected to the arena.  Thanks to the tip from WTKA’s Ira Weintraub who told me you could actually reserve a table for the game and put in your intermission orders ahead of time.  It’s a beautiful thing to see your table and drink waiting for during each break.
  • Every once in a while a guy or two would yell, ‘Go Redskins!’.  One time I heard someone smack back with ‘Racists!’
  • The Miami band was no match for the Wolverine crew of course, but I give them props for belting out the Looney Tunes theme when the refs skated out.
  • We pulled out of the parking lot last night at just about midnight, sorry to the M fans I almost plowed over on my way out.  I’ll acknowledge I’m a little aggressive behind the wheel if you admit you think the Ann Arbor notion that pedestrians rule extends everywhere you walk.
  • On the way out we passed the billboard for Froggy 106.7.   If the night wasn’t bad enough, I was sad to learn that the bumper sticker near Dwight Schrute’s desk is for Scranton’s Froggy 101, apparently a sister-station on the amphibian radio network:


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