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He was my first choice, too, but he’s gone.  Here’s four reasons why missing out on old #4 might not be so bad:

1. He’s a different kind of cat.  On Cowherd’s radio show recently, Harbaugh compared his QB Andrew Luck to his wife, saying both were “perfect”.   Jeez man, unsolicited displays of affection toward your spouse on national sports radio—weird.  Why don’t you marry her (again)?

2. I know most fans put it aside, but he still said these things about his experience at U-M and it’s tough to unring that bell.   Besides, does anyone seriously doubt he was offered?  He turned us down, man.    He didn’t want it.   Update: And as MGoDread points out on Twitter, who’s to say we wouldn’t be dealing with this NFL drama after any decent season if he came back to A2?

3. A different cat #2.   Jim Rome holds a radio event one day each year when the listeners compete to unleash the best phone call—the ‘Smack Off’.  Beyond frequent guest host and comedian Jay Mohr, actual athletes or celebrities don’t participate.  No one except Jim Harbaugh, NFL quarterback, that is, who called in 1998 and delivered this unfunny, uninspiring and unlistenable call:


4. Twitter habits.  Tweeting out codes to recruits is one thing, but dudes who tweet out Gordon Lightfoot lyrics (and mean it) are a different breed of cat:



  1. So basically you're saying he's a different kind of cat. No football related downside? Oh well.

    I never expected Jim/Bo to pick Michigan as it always seemed that the NFL was his ultimate goal. So while he was certainly my first choice of HC, his decision isn't that disappointing.

  2. On what former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh means to him and getting the opportunity to come back to the birthplace of the West Coast Offense:

    [Jim Harbaugh] “Well, he is the most important person. I had a chance to meet him when I was at Stanford and when I was a player in the National Football League. I have a picture of him that I look at every day, it’s on my computer screen, legendary coach and a great man.”

    Can we finally stop with the Michigan was his “dream job” bullshit?

  3. I'm glad for JH. I'm very happy for UM. JH would not have been happy as a college coach. Within two years he would have gotten itchy feet and bolted to the NFL, then where would our program be? Good for him. Great for UM!