Can someone clear up the pronunciation of Tate Forcier’s last name?  I thought fans and media settled nicely on the Frenchish “FOUR-see-eh”, which is backed up by the pronunciation guide listing for his brother Jason in the 2006 Weekly Releases:


But then I heard the podcast of former AA News columnist Jim Carty (who probably takes such things seriously and must have bumped into brother Jason on his beat) who on WTKA Monday referred to Tate as “FOUR-sear”.   Ben Holden did the same today WTKA’s Big Show.

Then I stumbled onto this on mgoblog, where Brian’s uber-assistant Tom VanHaaren recently was asked this question in the comments of a blog post.   Clear as mud:

User ‘MH20’: ..BTW, did you ask Tate off the record how his last name is pronounced?

TomVH:  Yea I actually did, and it didn’t settle anything. He said it’s either For-see-ay, or For-see-er. He said either pronunciation is fine. I think he says For-see-er though, FWIW. That’s how I’ve been pronouncing it when I read it to myself on here.

Update 2/18:  Sean at MSC pointed out this column from Angelique, which starts this way:

Tate Forcier doesn’t really care how you say his last name.  Tate Four-See-A. Tate Four-Sear.

So which is it?

“I don’t care,” he said, smiling.

But how does he introduce himself?

“I say Tate Four-See-A — it’s easier,” he said, laughing. “Four-Sear, it’s like, I don’t know, I don’t feel it.”

I’m going to call him “FEISMAN”.


  1. Greg – This has been a subject of debate going back to Jason. I updated to my latest pronunciation after being told by a member of the Michigan staff that it was the correct one. That doesn’t mean it’s right, of course (Lloyd was sort of humorously famous for sometimes butchering freshman names).

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