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By some stroke of irony the MVictors.com webmaster has been working in the outskirts of the snake pit for over a month now. It’s about as you’d expect. I’m at a sizeable customer headquarters and Buckeye gear, photos, helmets, etc. are everywhere. Local sports talk radio [which is pretty weak] is riddled with Buckeye talk.

I’ve seen the occasional guy with some quasi-Michigan gear but it’s been pretty scarce. I write this post because of what happened this week. I was using the gym at the corporate site and I spotted a guy in a yellow “Maize Rage” tank top. I’m not one to come up to strangers and strike up conversations but I practically hugged the guy. I didn’t get into the whole question of what it is like to be a Michigan fan in Buckeye land, I just exchanged pleasantries and talked a little Michigan hoops. You have to wonder if the guy just has balls, or if it really isn’t that much of a taboo to wear M gear in Columbus. Probably a little of both: this dude was a strapping lad who stood a good 6′ 5″.

The lesson? Don’t have one. But of course half my T-shirts are M-related and I’ll be breaking one out soon thanks to the Maize Rager.

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