You might have caught this clip on SportsCenter this morning, I cracked up.  NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch bumped into each other this weekend and one of them was none too happy:

In case that clip gets pulled by the NASCAR brass, basically Keselowski grabs the track microphone, introduces himself and calls Kyle Busch an "ass".

Busch went onto to win all the races at Bristol this weekend (Truck, Nationwide, Sprint) and toted a broom in the winner’s circle.   When asked about Keselowski’s comments, Busch replied, "Who?".

So who cares?   Well, it turns out both Keselowski and Busch are both huge Michigan football fans.  You might have known this about Busch, who described his fanhood with the Wolverines in this USA Today piece from 2008:

Although he is from Las Vegas, young Busch is a big University of Michigan football fan. U of M is about 40 minutes away from MIS in Ann Arbor, Mich. "My brother (Kurt) moved up to Michigan years ago to run in the Craftsman Truck series and he went to a Michigan game," Kyle recalled. "He bought me a Michigan sweatshirt and sent it home for me. I never really paid attention to college football until then, but I became a Michigan fan. Not too complicated of a story, but it’s fun to be able to follow them when I have a Saturday afternoon off in the fall. I was lucky enough to be able to go to their practice last fall and get to know a few of the guys. You always respect people who are as competitive as you are, and they certainly have the same drive to win that I do."

Brad Keselowski’s ties are easier to trace as he’s from Rochester Hills and is a lifelong fan.  He even stopped by practice during race week at MIS a couple weeks back:

Brad Keselowski is a Michigan man. He bleeds maize and blue. On Thursday he even attended the Wolverines’ football practice, part of the perks of being a native son in the big time.

So that’s strange, a couple more lifelong Michigan fans at odds with each other these days? 

Here’s a standing offer to these guys—two prime seats to the Wisconsin game this season compliments of MVictors to mend fences.

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  1. Thought you were turning into Angelique Chengalis for a moment !

    She does a lot of stuff for Nascar Today on ESPN, It's on after Sportsnation (Michelle Beadle !) and a lot of time they say she is going to be on and then I turn of the tv as I'm not much of an auto racing fan.

    Maybe one is a RichRod supporter & the other isn't ?