It is fun to watch!  Wow, what a wild day out there as the teams scored the most points since this happened over a century ago:


The folks behind this door in the press box were crazy busy:


Oh the difference between winning and losing.  Folks this morning rejoice, when a mere bounce or drop could obviously have changed fortunes.  Hemingway made some outstanding plays today and thankfully held onto the game-winning two point conversion:

2 pointer

And he talked about it after the game:

21 scores inset

Then there was Easy Treezy who set the all-time receiving record.  I hope he saved something for Danny Hope and Purdue:

001 -12

Greg Robinson just after the final whistle, clearly emotional


The offensive line was outstanding today; here’s Lewan and a tiny, tiny little Vinny Smith behind him.  Looks like he can fit in his pocket:

004 - lewan

Kind of reminds me of this:


It was obviously frustrating at times, this was probably the scariest of the many defensive breakdowns.  No one was even close:

004 - so open

It’s always cool when the band drops and covers the ‘M’.   Craig at the Hoover Street Rag found the full video of the Wizard of Oz halftime show video, and broke it down here.

001 - band

As part of the Wizard of Oz business, the band formed the Script Oh no (after a temporary script Ohio).  If they looked skilled at creating this, consider that the MMB taught Ohio how to do this back in the day:


The flyover pilots loved it, here post game near the student section:

001 flyboys

Is that Lloyd Christmas Tom Brady guy?  The fame has brought the spoils of female companionship:

001 - loydxmas

Dave Brandon was omnipresent: on the sidelines, in the suite, in the press box chatting with bowl reps, in the postgame press conference and here outside Crisler afterwards.  Memo to AD Brandon: no matter what happens here on out, make sure this team PLAYS in the bowl game as opposed to the Fighting Quitters last year.


Hey – don’t forget to checkout the Mudbowl photos I posted Saturday.  Like this one:


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  1. We are like the Loyola Maramount of the 2010s only in football. I feel like its Rich Rods intention to let the other team score just so we can get the ball back. DR is our Bo Kimble.

  2. The MMB refers to that formation as "The Cake." They perform it once a year at pregame for a Big Ten game, usually one for which there is no opposing band since the pregame show is a few minutes longer (though last year every game featured an opposing band so it was done at the Purdue game and the AAMB was asked to shorten their pregame a bit).

  3. Awesome summary of everything. By the way, we've been told repeatedly that the "highest-scoring Big Ten game" before this was our 119-0 win over Michigan Agricultural College, but that's not accurate since M.A.C. wasn't in the conference at the time. Any idea what the highest-scoring actual conference game was?

    • Greg from MVictors

      According to the Big Ten:
      Last Saturday at Michigan Stadium, Illinois and Michigan went to triple overtime and piled up 132 points to shatter the record for combined scoring in a conference game. After the two teams concluded regulation tied at 45-45, both squads tallied touchdowns on each of three overtime drives. Forced to go for a two-point conversion after two extra sessions, the Wolverines were successful on their attempt while the Illini were finally stopped to give Michigan a 67-65 victory. The two teams combined for 1,237 yards of total offense, 665 passing yards, 572 rushing yards and 58 first downs in the game. The previous Big Ten record for combined scoring in a conference games was 115 points when Minnesota defeated Purdue, 59-56, on Oct. 9, 1993.