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Wow nothing’s working.   So at the Camp Randall Classic Michigan struggled a bit in the first period, but seemed to dominate action in the second and for the majority of the third period.  I thought the first call on Summers that led to the Badgers’ equalizer was garbage.  The game winning shot was as gorgeous as it was devastating.

I keep looking for a sign that things are changing–for any of these teams.   We saw a glimmer after the UConn win with hoops, and the January run of the hockey team made a playoff bid conceivable.   After the beautiful Lynch goal that put the Blue up 2-1 in Madison, and with the way the guys were  controlling the puck and dominating the pace, I thought that this might be it.   Gut punch.

Play with the intensity exhibited in that game and they’ve got a shot to get in the playoffs via the regular season or by winning the tournament.   But it’s a long shot starting with the rare Tuesday game this week.   I’ll be up at Yost to take a look.

Press Box. At the signing day media event I asked Bruce Madej if I could get a shot inside the stadium.  I was denied (for a few different reasons – safety, security, contractor policy, etc).   That said, those watching the Big Ten Network coverage got a glimpse of inside the Big House sans Press Box:

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