John Beilein accepts the Little Brown Jug

A great second half comeback over Minnesota to make a strong case for the tournament.  Like I’ve done a few times this season, I pretty much conceded that it wasn’t going to happen and then, thanks to a few quick baskets by LLP midway through the half, there was some light.   That was enough Harris, Peedi and the crew to bring it home.

Knowing this team, they’ll lose in the first round of the Big Ten tournament and leave us on pins and needles on Selection Sunday.

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  1. Someone help me out here as I don’t follow basketball much (I was an undergrad during the Fab 5 days and I despise the dirty ones out of that bunch). The pundits are saying Michigan is in and Minn is out as of right now. How can it be that cut and dry? Minnesota has 2 more wins and a better RPI than Michigan. Michigan’s early season certainly puts it in the conversation but that ugly loss against Iowa doesn’t help.