One nugget in the Ohio State/Tressel tattoogate Notice of Allegations [full version] released today concerns the gold pants:


I’m not a memorabilia dealer but from hours of watching Pickers and Pawn Stars, I realize buyers need to leave themselves with plenty of room for profit.  That said, I think the players could have done better.

There happens to be a 2009 version on eBay right now listed for $745 which is around fair market value these days.  (Sadly the market is saturated):


Remember when Rick bought a pair on two of these on Pawn Stars not long ago?  He paid the seller $1000/each (too much).   And we’ve seen other auctions asking between $600-$700 not long ago.

Because there’s an established market, I think the athletes selling their pants should have asked for and received closer to $500.

The NCAA also requested more info on the gold pants award, to be returned as part of Ohio State’s official response:


For starters, they can go to Coach Tressel’s website for a nice summary. 

I’d like to know the real “cost” to Ohio State which of course we’ll find out soon enough.  As Rick on Pawn Stars pointed out they are plated gold, and I’m guessing Ohio State will have to explain that some of the cost is variable based on gold prices.  Either way, I guessing the NCAA will be tallying up the cost of Ohio State’s gifts to the players in recent years.  It’d be something if they came back and said that the Buckeyes can’t offer both bowl rings and gold pants in a given season because the value of the gift exceeds current NCAA limits. 

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  1. One more casualty of Tatgate: the death of the gold pants tradition because of NCAA limits. Classic.