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A wonderful array of previews, advice and predictions out there in the nerdosphere this week. I’m catching up after hitting the CMU game on Thursday. Great stuff.

Random notes, links, etc:
* Know Your Foe: Utah – ‘Spawn of M Zone’ revives this great feature.
* “Michigan ditched Carr without adding Miles” – From the Oregonian. Do they give Pulitzers for headline writers? If so, please blacklist whomever is responsible for that.
* RAGS TO RICH-ES. Again with the headlines, but this is the NY Post. On Rich Rod, “He’s too good at what he does,” said a Big East coach. “His teams come at you on offense, defense and special teams.”
* Open try-out 9/3. Saw this on MSC. Does Rich Rod need bloggers?
* There’s been a lot of talk about the MVictors walk, I think it’s very cool. I spoke with a former player and Rose Bowl champion from the Bump Elliott era, he said his players spent the night at the Michigan golf clubhouse (they had bunks set up) and walked across the street to the stadium.
* The Ann Arbor News predicts a mild upset, Utah 28 Michigan 24 and Jim Carty provides a primer on the spread offense.
* If you want an excellent summary of this game and where we stand, check out Angelique Chengelis on WDFN earlier this week here.
* A general comment: joking about the religious beliefs of a certain segment of our opponents is weak and offensive, so please keep the Mormon jokes at home.
* Finally, enjoy a little Braylon Edwards calling into Stoney and Wojo yesterday talking about the current team, Mike Barwis (he worked out with him this summer), the Ohio State and Michigan State rivalries: