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More Little Brown Jug shots here.  Below find many more from a great day in Minneapolis:

University of Minnesota Armory

The Armory – where most reliable accounts claim the jug was found in 1903, and where it hung from ‘03-‘09 in the office of Minnesota AD Doc Cooke:

Original Little Brown Jug - Doc Cooke's Office - MVictors.com


Buffalo Wild Wings - outside TCF Bank Stadium - Minnesota 

Best B Dubs on the planet.  It sits in the shadow of TCF Stadium and Williams Arena inside a converted old fire station.   If you get too deep into the extreme Blazin’ wings sauce (or the booze), they can hose you down.


Inside Williams Arena - Minnesota

Speaking of Williams Arena – I snuck in for a look and that place is sweet.


Beer inside TCF Bank Stadium

Beer outside a college football stadium?  Yawn. 
Beer inside a college football?   Now we dance!


End Zone seating - TCF Bank Stadium

To get to the beer you have to wander over to the beer/food garden behind the (east?) end zone.   I’m not sure it’s the best view of the game, but I think it’s a choice place to sit next time you visit.

TCF Bank Stadium Scoreboard

Despite the empty seats the Gophers still definitely sold out.


No Shirts on fans at Minnesota Gopher football game

“What, take off our hats?  Are you out of your mind?”


1 - Titles Minnesota football league titles in Stadium

Minnesota flashes their league championships on a ring on the stadium.  I like it.  More on 1904 later.


Snapbacks and Tattoos - Thomas Rawls and Dennis Norfleet Rawls and Norfleet

Rawls and Norfleet feeling it pregame to Snapbacks and Tattoos.


Michigan quarterbacks warm-up - Minnesota

Denard seemingly ready to go before the game, all the way down to the protection on the arm to the hands warmer upper


Denard Robinson's Schutt Helmet

Denard’s Schutt helmet chilling on the cart that held The Little Brown Jug.  P.S. Is that a mild flaw in the left stripe? 



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