This news is weeks old in Twitter time but the biggest update out of Greg Robinson’s today happened just after the Q&A.  Dave Ablauf of U-M media relations confirmed after the conference that 5 star redshirt freshman Justin (J.T.) Turner asked for and was granted his release to transfer.

Tim at mgoblog has an excellent summary up.


Save the “good riddance” comments.


  1. i don't know how turner leaving is good for the program. like a lot of people i thought the defense might be a little better because we supposedly had depth now. turner was part of that depth. it's hard to say if this is a reflection on the kid, the program or Rich Rod. no, this is not going to destroy the program. but it's not a positive either and this team needs as many positives it can get. yes, kids leave programs all the time…but that's because the cupboard is full. ours is bare which is what concerns me. methinks the consistency of this season's team (or lack thereof) is not going to be good for our maize and blue ulcers. rich rod, it's time to work your magic.

    • Greg from MVictors

      Tough to say without knowing what\’s going on. The only thing we know is that J.T. didn\’t make the field last year when he should have, and prospects didn\’t seem to bright this season. Then you get into the rest- word he was struggling in school and you can imagine he had higher expectations for playing time when he arrived. Sometimes it\’s best for guys to move on.