No Miles?

Uh, what? This is so ridiculous. As predicted, the death march drags on.

UPDATE: The 2pm presser where Miles was supposed to confirm he resigned with and he DIDN’T. He simply said “I’m the head coach at LSU. I will be the head coach at LSU. I have no interest in talking to anybody else. I have a championship game to play.” He wouldn’t take any questions because you know what he would have had to answer. He hasn’t signed with LSU yet and this is ridiculous.

UPDATE II: I slapped together a mini timeline to keep all this straight. A work in progress, click to enlarge:


  1. Miles isn’t coming, period. He will hear what Martin has to say out of courtesy, but will sign with LSU.

    It makes no sense why Miles would have a press conference to confirm any of Herbstreit’s comments. It demoralizes a team before a huge game and comes off as egregiously unprofessional.

    We better lock up Brian Kelly.

  2. Somebody please help me understand why Brian Kelly would make such a great head coach at Michigan. Yeah, I’m sure he’d win a bunch of games, but that whole situation with him leaving CMU for MSU, no wait, Iowa State, no wait Cinci-f-ing-nnati, and the handling of the Detroit kid wanting to transfer to State just doesn’t smack of class.

    [Webmaster: And how can Michigan take a guy that wasn’t good enough for MSU?]

  3. Kelly would be a bad choice. As noted, he had a mess on his hands at CMU (with legal probems with athletes). UM should consider Tedford or, perhaps, Petrino (who may be looking to get back into college ball). But not Ferentz, who is, after Les Miles, the most overrated coach in the country.

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