Guest Column By Buckeye Schlimmy Straight from Glendale, AZ & The BCS Championship

Like most Michigan fans, I have several Buckeye backers including old buddies of mine, the Grow brothers Schlimmy and Grummy (Brent). Grum lives in the Phoenix area most of the year and he and his brother snagged to tickets to the BCS Championship on Monday. It was obviously a brutal game for the Buckeyes but I asked the fellas to man up and provide some takes from the perspective of someone at the game. Here’s Schlim’s comments/observations from the day….

– The stadium and surrounding area were great, eventhough the stadium looks like a spaceship it has all the luxuries your looking for in a state of the art building.

– Onto the tailgating /game, as usual Brent was doing his thing (sneaking into private parties, being nice with the Florida ladies etc….).

– It looked as thought that it was at least 70% Buckeye fans to 30% Florida fans (I will get to that later) and I think my worst fears coming into the game all came true:
(1) Buckeyes were overconfident (thought the Michigan game was the Title game)
(2) 50 day layoff would affect them and
(3) Florida’s speed on D.

– Obviously things started great but maybe the opening kickoff could have been the worst thing that could of happened. The return served to only feed the Buckeye’s confidence and our fans thought the game was over after 15 seconds.that takes me to my final point.

– Since the rest of the game sucked from a Buckeye perspective, Brent and I tried to get the Buckeye fans into the game early and often, and they all sat on their ASS! I don’t think I have ever been to a Buckeye game in my life where the opposing fans were more passionate, involved, louder than the Buckeye fans and if anyone can explain to me how 20,000 Gator fans can make more noise than 55,000 Buckeyes I would love to hear it. In fact, as Brent and I left the stadium we nearly got our asses beat in because we called out all the fans in our section for being lame asses. I was more in shock of the lack of passion and enthusiasm from the Buckeye fans that I was of the game, I was screaming sarcastically to all the Buckeye fans at halftime… “were just happy to be here” and “as long as we beat Michigan all is well in Buckeye land”.

– To wrap it up, what makes the Buckeyes who they are, and how they are perceived is by their fans, they are known for being passionate, knowledgeable (insert joke here [ok]) rabid fans, but for some reason on the biggest stage not only did the team and coaches lay a egg but so did the fans.

[Here’s a beauty from the MZone, I believe this was the Ohio State band’s formation at halftime:]

OSU Bands spells something else

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  1. Schlimmy, excellent takes on the game and the inside perspective. You didn’t get your rabid fans because the pickeled masses can’t afford a) tickets, b) travel, c) lodging to this game. My guess is that you had the Buckeye ‘elite’ (like you and grum). I speak from experience, because 30 to 30 in Michigan stadium is the Wolverine elite.

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