As a youth, a friend of mine and I visited Monmouth Park in NJ to enjoy the ponies.   My buddy had never been to the track before so I gave him some advice: if your horse is winning the race, just play it cool man.  It’s nobody’s business what your horse is doing or not doing, dig?   Maintain.

Minutes later the horse we both bet on was pulling away from the field as they came down the stretch.  Naturally we both jumped around and screamed like little girls as we air-jockeyed that doggie across the line.



Via Ace at mogblog:

If you’re wondering about the identity of the guy in the black jacket running around like a manic behind the goalposts, that’s Greg Dooley of MVictors.  Livin’ the dream, Greg.

Guilty.   And the white-shirted fellow waving off the kick was Northwestern AD Jim Phillips:


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  1. Fame comes in many forms. Lol.