Coach Weis, you are my little gentleman…I’ll take you to foggy Londontown, because you are my little gentleman.

Forget about the past 2 weeks and get up for this one. Michigan needs to win and is coming off as a 8 1/2 point favorite??? (As I suggested prior to Oregon, take the points!). For the sake of both teams, let’s hope this is the last time before 2031 that these teams start 0-2.

A pep rally is going off this evening at Elbel field. I don’t think I’ll be able to make but if anyone gets any photos please forward.

Remember, Go Blue and ‘To Hell with Notre Dame’!

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  1. Went to the Pep Rally…Not a very large turnout. The band was there of course cheerleaders…Lloyd and the Captains each talked. John Bacon talked about Bo and the new book he wrote about him.

    All in all, everything you would expect from a pep rally.