Thanks to all the contestants who sent or posted haikus, limericks or other posts for the Bo Schembechler DVD. The contest was pretty much over once Michael Hacker of Washington, DC typed these words:

Winning Michigan Football haiku!

I caught up with the winner late last night who offered, “I am honored and I am humbled. Thank you!”. When asked what inspired this brilliant haiku, Hacker pointed to Columbus, “What can I say? The Bucktards bring out the best/worst in me.”

They were all very good, some incredibly clever and even a few anti-Michigan beauties snuck in, including this limerick from Jeff:

There once was a coach from Vir-ginny
Who liked players short, fast and skinny.
He jumped to the Blue,
And brought his spread too,
But was fired with nary a win-nie.

Brian delivered a few great lines, here’s my favorite:

Coaches Rodriguez, Barwis and team
Made them faster, stronger and more lean
After weeding out the cowards
They made a team of Desmond Howards
Soon another Heisman pose might be seen.

And this late entry from ‘Nash’ almost propelled him to glory:

Our QB’s throw darts
Our O Line can’t be breached
This Kool-Aid is good

You can order your copy here from

Still want to win? Maize and Blue Nation has a contest of its own, asking for the total points in the Utah game. More info here. Hmm, I’ll take 49.

Bo Schembechler DVD


  1. Thanks for the plug! Great contest by the way. You’ve inspired your readers to come up with some nice entries. I might have to hand it to the anti-Michigan entry…that’s great!

  2. If you ain’t first, you’re last! Congrats Hacker, I’m saying Sweatervest McCheaty Pants at least once a week from this day forward.

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  6. There is now a team from Michigan,
    To beat OSU is their wish again,
    But seven losses straight,
    Seems likely their fate,
    That vict'ry, those boys, they will miss again.

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