Maize & Blog ran a post yesterday in which several witnesses claimed that Friday night prior to the Appalachian State game Chad Henne, Mike Hart and other players were at a fraternity house on campus, drinking and carrying on.

The original post ran here but as you can see it has been pulled. Someone didn’t like the story. The site came back with a brief note confirming what they posted while taking a shot at whomever was responsible for squashing the original post.

My reaction: Players having a few drinks, staying out late and maybe even taking a few liberties with their female guests before games are the least of my concerns after watching that debacle. These guys are college students afterall. This said, the team typically stays at a hotel the night before the game to avoid things like this from going on and if some team rule was violated it should be addressed.

After watching the disorganized mob that Coach Carr put out there on Saturday you have to wonder if the team is on the verge of imploding. If team rules are loosely enforced, and some players get special priviledges, what are the chances that this team can turn things around? Don’t see it happening.

Elsewhere: Many media folks are calling for Coach Carr to step down gracefully. Check out Jim Carty’s blog on the matter, and Stewart Mandel. To Jim Carty, good piece, why wasn’t this published in the AA News? thanks for running it in today’s AA News.


  1. Don’t players stay in a hotel on Friday nights before the game? I find it hard to believe they could sneak out, but hey, Mike Hart can do what he wants. Henne on the other hand…

  2. “You become what you focus on.”

    If the partying accusation is true…well…just sayin’.

  3. This is a bunch of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m pretty sure this is true. My friend’s brother is an editor on the Michigan student newspaper and a student there. He was at this party with a bunch of newspaper people apparently and Hart and Henne were there drinking a lot. He was trying to blame the loss to App. State on the fact that they were drinking the night before. But I mean honestly, it’s college. Henne and Hart have been playing football for so long that it wouldn’t matter if they were drunk or not the night before.