Before the 2012 Iowa game, I bumped into a few Hawkeye fans downtown after the premiere of the Billy Taylor movie on Friday night.  I gave them my typical “good luck” and chatted for a little bit.   They were good guys.   It got me to thinking about where, today, we view Iowa as a rival and vice versa.

Disclaimers: everyone has the personal little reasons why we hate/tolerate/like another team.  I tried to take a wide swipe about the feelings in general.

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Tom Crean Smirk Dick November 19, 2012:  Added Maryland and Rutgers
March 16, 2013:  Updated after Tom Crean’s a-hole move, berating U-M assistant Jeff Meyer following Indiana’s win in the season finale at Crisler.  Moved IU from Green to Yellow on U-M View.   While no change on the index, updated the ever twitchy MSU and Notre Dame note.



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