Here’s audio of Kirk Herbstreit before the Big 12 championship game, explaining himself on the story he broke this morning on GameDay.

Basically he says one of two things happened here:
1. LSU reacted to his report and signed Miles.
2. It is all a smoke screen and Miles still may be coming to Michigan.

What Herbstreit didn’t address is if #1 or #2 is true, what about his report that Miles is going to Michigan? If his story is correct, then Miles is burning Michigan and his “deal”. He didn’t talk about that. Herbstreit’s of the opinion that this isn’t over (“this saga shall continue”). Miles has since clarified on multiple occasions that he’s coming back to LSU next season.

And if #1 is true, so Miles had a deal with Michigan and as his team was taping up for the SEC Championship, Miles’s agent and LSU hashed out a better deal? In a hour or so after Herby’s report? Unlikely man!

Meanwhile, Mitch Albom is lashes out at Les Miles for all of this. I don’t get that. I’m not a huge Miles guy but I don’t see how he acted inappropriately here. The word on the street is that he loves Michigan. His Oklahoma State players talked about it. Albom suggests that this love was all a ruse to get a big contract. Whatever.


  1. #3. Herby blew it and is saving face. This story is over.

  2. There is no way Michigan should of had any contact with Miles until after the game. If they did or tried it shows a lack of class period. Coach Carr does not like Miles and I feel did everything possible to make his (Miles) existence for these next weeks a terrible one. #1 By announcing his retirement right after the OSU game and thus #2 making or giving LSU time to sweeten Miles contract and sign him to a better deal.

  3. Mitch is a bitch

    Mitch, like Les, gets paid big bucks to do what he does best. For Mitch, it’s to wax poetic and make you feel emotional. He’s doing it again with this article. Btw, would Mitch go to another paper that would pay him less and give up the following he has in Detroit?

    I think not.