Hercules Renda signs my book

Little man with big heart dies at 88
SALINE, MICHIGAN OCTOBER 12, 2005 Sad news out of Michigan’s Schembechler Hall as 1930s Michigan football player Hercules Renda died yesterday while doing his daily walk at a Pontiac high school track. By all accounts a great guy, my wife had my copy of Jim Brandstatter’s “Tales from Michigan Stadium” signed by the man.

Check out the photo above, I like his style. First off, he signed on the page of the book with his photo, second, he simply signed it “Hercules”.


  1. 1960-1962 I went to James Madison Jr. High in Pontiac, Mi. I met a man who was a counseler at Pontaic Northern High which was located right next door. He installed in me values that have helped me through my life. His name is Hercules Renda. I graduated from Pontiac St. Micheal’s, served my country in the United States Air Force and in Vietnam. I was fortunate to meet up with him later in life. Since being stationed at Lockborne AFB, Columbus, Ohio, his words stuck with me. I consider myself an avid Michigan Fan, and when Herc and I met at a local restaurant we would share Michigan stories. Hercules was on the first team to wear the winged helmet. He had a picture in his wallet of the horseshoe stadium in Columbus on October 21,1922, dedication game for the stadium. I told him how Michigan won the game 19-0. I knew in Herc’s eyes that he knew that I knew a lot of Michigan history. He was my friend, dyed in Maize and Blue. I told Herc about how Bob Ufer and I talked enthusiastically about Michigan History. I told Herc how Bob told me to keep the tradition and enthusiasm for Michigan alive and well. Herc told me if anybody can do it I could. My life has been filled with a lot of influential men. My father, Bob Ufer, Bo Schembechler, and Herc Renda. Herc helped me realize that you need something to believe in, and I do. I believe in family, I believe in U.S.A., I believe in good life standards, and I believe in Jesus Christ, but last but not least I believe in the high standards that the U. of M. football program has set for all who participate in college football, and football at all levels. I can’t put into words how to decribe Herc, except GO BLUE!!!!!!!

    [Webmaster’s note: Michigan Freddy, that’s a great tribute, thanks for enhancing my site and Herc’s legacy!]

  2. My good friend is the grandson of Hercules, his nickname is Lil’Herc and even though i never met Hercules I still keep his business card in my wallet that states: Actions speak louder than words” and with his legacy, I could’nt agree more.