Left me rolling on the floor – from mgoblog today [full post]:

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I present this thing from the CBS Sportsline message boards:

I just flew back from Pittsburg and guess who sat nect to me on the flight. Jerome Bettis. I sat and talked football with him for about 2 hours. Guess what he told me. Terrell Pryor is going to Michigan. Was never a doubt in his mind after the official visit. This was passed onto him from Charlie Batch who he had just been out with the night prior to his flight with me. As a Buckeye fan I’m crushed, and don’t want to believe it. It even took away from the fact that I was sitting next to an NFL future HOF player and talking with him. I can furnish a photo upon request of myself and “The Bus” if needed. I hate when Darth Rodruigez and the evil empire wins.

The horrible grammar and spelling immediately raises suspicions until “As a Buckeye fan” explains them away.


Of course all you recruitniks are less concerned with Brian’s towel snap at the Buckeye than the validity of the story. So…read more.


  1. My sources in Columbus over the past several months have lead me to believe the following…..
    After Ohio State beat Michigan it was nearly a slam dunk that Pryor would become a Buckeye, after Rodriguez was named coach it went from 95% to about 75% chance that Pryor would be a Buckeye, after Ohio State lost in the Title game it dropped to about 65%, when Mallet decided to transfer it became a 50-50 proposal. The last factor was Pryor’s visit to Ann Arbor a few weeks back which put Michigan in a slight lead for his services. I believe his “need” to be the man next year will override any other factor. Therefore as much as I hope I’m wrong I would put it at 65% that he will go to Michigan, 30% to Ohio State and 5% somewhere else.

    Go Bucks!!

  2. Schlim-
    Great take. I think he’s a Buckeye. I just the Rich Rod/Michigan thing was too late in the game and I’m guessing he’d like to be a role player on a good hoops team.

    FWIW – I really don’t get too worked up either way; I’m not completely sold on any guy who hasn’t stepped on campus yet. Seen too many 5 star guys who never see the field.